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(SOLD) Mitsubishi G4M instrument panel
Mitsubishi G4M 'Betty' bomber instrument panel recovered from a downed Japanese air force bomber in the pacific.This is a very rare piece of history that has been resprayed black, these photos show the original condition and the present condition in black.

Asking $5000 US for this extremely rare piece. Interested parties can contact us for a shipping quote.
(SOLD) A-20G boston / havoc control column
This pilots control column came from a Douglass A-20G that fought against the Japanese in New Guinea and the Pacific islands during WW2, it can be blasted treated and re coated with rubber by any steering wheel restoration shop to look pristine again. World wide shipping is available, $1250 US / obo
(SOLD) Douglas A-20G windscreen relic
Douglas A-20G windscreen relic from a pacific war combat vet. $200
Boeing B-17 ball turrets (SOLD)

These parts consist of the remains of three Boeing B-17 ball turrets which came from combat veteran aircraft that fought the Japanese in the pacific theater in 1942-43.

The parts do have damage but the material is weldable and at least two repaired turrets could be produced from these parts, Not all parts are pictured as there is large inventory.

This is an extremely rare collection of parts that will probably never be seen again.

Worldwide sea freight is available.
Price: $30,000.
multiple ball turrets
(SOLD) DAP / Bristol Beaufort throttle quadrant
DAP / Bristol Beaufort throttle quadrant in good / functional condition, missing one throttle knob. $850
(SOLD) New old stock P-51 mustang wheel
New old stock P-51 mustang wheel, still in original shipping box, bearing still wrapped in grease paper

where do you get them these days?

(sold) B-24 Liberator pilots seat
War used Consolidated B-24 Liberator Bomber Pilots Seat with fittings and seat rails

Great original condition

World wide shipping is available

(SOLD) CAC Wirraway throttle rods
CAC Wirraway throttle push rods x 7 part number H233-21-0, new old stock

(Sold) Japanese A6M zero instrument panel
Japanese A6M zero instrument panel from a real combat veteran, shot down in the pacific war by the americans.

The panel is missing part of the left side due to damage suffered in the crash.

very rare & historic.$2500

Japanese A6M zero instrument panel
B-17 landing gear retract
B-17 landing gear retraction unit, main or tail

Pacific gear works, western gear works EL-1119 actuator interchangeable with EL-1094, EL-1198

Fitted with General electric 1 HP electric motor

gears turn freely.

CAC Winjeel oil cooler
Ex RAAF CAC Winjeel oil cooler

Looks serviceable, with mount
Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah
Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah engine/parts

This is an incomplete Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah engine that was used on an RAAF Avro Anson, it has no cracnk or push rods, but it has mags, case, cyclinders, heads, one new old stock cylinder and various other small parts.

Great for a static display or even add your own parts and rebuild it.


Will ship worldwide
P-47 Thunderbolt wing attach fittings
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt wing attach fittings

Some rust/pitting, great patterns or possible repair make up your own mind.

Boeing B-17 nacelle oil tank
I believe this to be a Boeing B-17 nacelle oil tank, recovered from an old air strip with other B-17 parts in the pacific islands.

Republic P-47 thunderbolt intercooler
Republic P-47 thunderbolt intercooler & duct, relic/pattern condition

contact us for shipping
CAC Winjeel spares
Sold as a single lot

1 x DW-1015 Tail Wheel

1 x 25-31084-1

1 x 22-31814-1C

2 x 18-43222   Seat Harness latch cable

2 x 22-53138-1 Pulley Bracket

3 x 25-43067 Throttle Quad Cover

1 x 25-48160  Filter Assem

1 x 25-43074 Throttle Quad Cover (used)

1 x 25-42016-2  Carb Heat valve

1 x 25-43071-4  Cover Assem

1 x 22-31867  Canopy Truck

1 x 25-43062 Throttle Lever

1 x 25-43016 Throttle Lever

2 x 25-43130 Throttle Lever

1 x 25-43124  Lever

1 x 25-43033 Lever

1 x 25-34104 Tail Wheel Pivot Bolt

2 x 25-53135 Seat Harness Lock

2 x 26-20182 Bearing Bracket

2 x 25-2140-3 Bearing Bracket

1 x 25-21023 Stab Bracket Bellcrank

1 x 25-31801-3 Cowl Hinge Box

2 x Brake Lines

1 x Tail Wheel Strut pivot

1 x 25-53301 Ram Air Tube (used slight damage)

4 x 25-31070 Centre Consul Cover LH

1 x 25-31065 Centre Consul Cover

2 x 25-31831  (31830) Windscreen Channels

1 x 25-43036 Push Rod

1 x 25-43037 Push Rod

1 x 25-43034 Push Rod

1 x 25-52111-2A Push Rod

Various loose used items 6 off.

All Parts are New Old Stock unless marked otherwise.


Stromberg Injection Carburetor , PD-12-H4
Stromberg Injection Carburetor
model PD-12-H4

DC-3, C-47, PBY-3, XPB2Y-1, PBY-4, PBY-5, -5A, Douglas R4D-1, Boeing PB2B-1, -2, Budd RB-1, Curtiss YC-76A, Lockheed C-54D, Consolidated PB2Y-3, -3R, -5, -5R, -5H, -5Z, PBY-5, -5A, -5B, Consolidated PBY-6, -6A, OA-10, NAS PBN-1, Sikorski JR2S-1, Douglas C-47A, C, R4D-1, -3, -4, -5, C-48A, C-53A, B, C, D, C-68, DC-3C, Vickers PBV-1A, OA10A, DC-3C, C-48B, C, C-52A, B, C, D, Lockheed C-57A, B

-PD12 will fit Allison V1710 with correct jets

very good condition
Rotax starter C0251
Rotax starter C0251 suit Gipsy Major, tiger moth chipmunk etc

Gloster Meteor tank jettison
Gloster Meteor F8 tank/bomb jettison assembly new old stock

Boeing B-17 bombardiers control panel
Extremely rare original Boeing B-17E or F bombardiers control panel

This part came from a B-17 bomber that fought against the Japanese in WW2, battlefield recovered.

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