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(SOLD) Douglas A-20G havoc gun nose
Well used gun nose section from A-20 havoc 43-21685, pacific war veteran. $2500+shipping
P-47D cockpit parts (SOLD)
P-47D-15-RA razorback pacific war veteran parts from 42-23176, these include the original instrument panel, rudder bar, pedals, brake masters and control column. these are very rare and historic parts that are rarely seen. $10k ono, will ship worldwide.
Martin 250 upper turrets (SOLD)
As shown, incomplete, suit A-20, B-17 etc $3000 each
B-24 liberator turrets (SOLD)
Two B-24 bomber turrets, one is fairly complete internally but missing outer skins, the other is a good outer shell but is stripped internally, make a good one from the pair, can ship worldwide
B-25D combat veteran nose section (SOLD)
B-25D combat veteran nose section, 41-30188, "big time operator". This aircraft has 26 bombing missions and 3 Japanese aircraft shot down in the south pacific, it is a fairly complete nose section, cut aft of the cockpit roll over by the US Army, it has the control columns, rudder pedals, walkway, instrument panel etc, most parts are present. the nose green house framework is present but not pictured. It was assigned to 498th BS , 345th BG as LITTLE NEL where it saw combat and obtained 3 Jap fighters . It was involved in 26 bombing and weather missions . It was involved in an accident and repaired . It eventually ended up assigned to the 27th Air Depot Group with artwork Big Time Operator. Used as a Fatcat with fresh food and Alcohol as well as fly personal between New Guinea and Australia This aircraft has significant historical value and would make a fairly easy museum restoration piece. this aircrafts turret can also be made available. $25k ono, can be shipped worldwide in a 20' container.
(SOLD) CAC Boomerang fighter induction trunk
CAC Boomerang fighter induction trunk, good pattern or parts. $1000 US
(SOLD) Bell P-39 airacobra gear door
Gear leg cover from a P-39Q of the 82nd trs in the south west pacific. it has some corrosion but is a great display piece. $1500 Worldwide shipping available.
(sold) Bell P-39D data plate
Bell P-39D data plate from 41-28362 This aircraft was assigned to the 311th fighter training squadron in florida in 1941 when it was destroyed beyond repair in a landing accident by pilot John m McPhee who ground looped the aircraft which was subsequently stripped for parts.Made from micarta by bell aircraft excellent condition.

(sold) twin .50 cal B-17 gun mounts
two (2) sets of twin .50 cal B-17 gun mounts, these consist of four .50 cal mounts bolted together in pairs used by the usaaf for more defensive firepower also sometimes used on PT boats when they were salvaged from damaged aircraft. $1500 for 2 x twin mounts & 1 x barrel supports. Worldwide shipping available.
(SOLD) Grumman / Emerson 150-SE-1 turret to suit avenger
Grumman / Emerson 150-SE-1 turret from a TBF / TBM avenger, single 50, electrically operated, did sustain some damage due to the Japanese getting a bit upset but is a good basis for a restoration project.Very rare $2000 ono
B-17 landing gear retract
B-17 landing gear retraction unit, main or tail

Pacific gear works, western gear works EL-1119 actuator interchangeable with EL-1094, EL-1198

Fitted with General electric 1 HP electric motor

gears turn freely.

Douglas C-47 DC-3 induction trunk
Douglas C-47 / DC-3 Dakota induction trunk, new old stock


Worldwide shipping is available
DAP Beaufighter / Beaufort tail strut
DAP Beaufighter / Beaufort tail strut

Original Australian made second world war unit, made by national motor springs.


P-51D mustang prop blades
P-51D mustang prop blades for display only.

The blades can be straightened and polished or painted, however they cannot be straightened for flight due to corrosion.

Gloster Meteor flap indicator
NOS from RAAF Meteor F8

Hamilton Standard propellor counterweights
new old stock

P/N's 24-44012, 296629, suit Winjeel

Early P-47 razorback rack
Early P-47D razorback drop tank, bomb rack and belly crash rail, rare part.

C-47 cowling section
new old stock C-47 cowling panel

WW2 bomber radio
WWII bomber radio receiver as used on B-17, B-25 etc

A6M Zero parts
Japanese A6M3 Zero / Hamp wing leading edge and one side of the stainless steel canopy, good condition


Worldwide shipping available
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