Supermarine Spitfire

Supermarine spitfire parts
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NOS Spitfire start switches
Start switches and switch guard as pictured

Spitfire MK VIII & IX main landing gear
Spitfire MK VIII & IX main landing gear as pictured

many individual components look to be in good condition such as the main castings torque lugs and links, oleo etc and are potentially airworthy subject to inspection.

one lower axle casting has been scraped through.

sold as is, buyer to determine airworthiness of components.

Worldwide shipping is available

These are becoming as rare as hens teeth

Spitfire hydraulic filter
EX RAAF supermarine spitfire hydraulic filter

Spitfire brake pressure
Spitfire brake pressure gauge new old stock in original box

Mark 1 6A/747, 220/130lb

Spitfire turn & slip
Spitfire turn & slip, good condition

Spitfire brake boosters
Supermarine spitfire brake boosters, 3 to choose from

$450 each
Rotax switches
Nos rotax switches $45/ea
Resistance bulbs
Resistance new old stock $40/ea
Spitfire terminal boxes
Spitfire terminal boxes

Spitfire teleflex cable
New old stock spitfire teleflex cable new in box (just opened) ten foot long.

GCS MK4 E Gunsight
GCS MK4 E Gunsight, suit late spitfire or early vampire

Spitfire relief valves
Spitfire relief valves $200 for both
Spitfire vacuum switch
Spitfire vacuum switch/pnumatic cock

p/n bsp 1180790

Spitfire valves
Type AR5/450/1 regulator
relief valve
Hydraulic filter
unknown part

Spitfire IFF box/chassis
Rare original IFF parts

Spitfire dimmer switches & tacho
Spitfire dimmer switches x 4 & tacho

Spitfire boost gauge NEW
New old stock spitfire boost gauge in great condition, still in original bag

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