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R-2800 Dynafocal Engine Vibration absorbers
R-2800 Dynafocal Engine Vibration absorbers

P/N MR-36-2B, 6 available, NOS, suit R2800, F6F, F4U, A-26, F7F, F8F, P-47 etc

Douglas C-47 DC-3 induction trunk
Douglas C-47 / DC-3 Dakota induction trunk, new old stock


Worldwide shipping is available
Stromberg Injection Carburetor , PD-12-H4
Stromberg Injection Carburetor
model PD-12-H4

DC-3, C-47, PBY-3, XPB2Y-1, PBY-4, PBY-5, -5A, Douglas R4D-1, Boeing PB2B-1, -2, Budd RB-1, Curtiss YC-76A, Lockheed C-54D, Consolidated PB2Y-3, -3R, -5, -5R, -5H, -5Z, PBY-5, -5A, -5B, Consolidated PBY-6, -6A, OA-10, NAS PBN-1, Sikorski JR2S-1, Douglas C-47A, C, R4D-1, -3, -4, -5, C-48A, C-53A, B, C, D, C-68, DC-3C, Vickers PBV-1A, OA10A, DC-3C, C-48B, C, C-52A, B, C, D, Lockheed C-57A, B

-PD12 will fit Allison V1710 with correct jets

very good condition
Rotax starter C0251
Rotax starter C0251 suit Gipsy Major, tiger moth chipmunk etc

Packard merlin engine harnesses
Packard merlin engine harnesses, came off RAAF P-51D mustangs 4 available, left/right available, $850 per side
Mk8 Rolls Royce derwent jet engine
Rolls Royce Derwent Mark 8 Jet Engine, ex RAAF Gloster Meteor, complete with tail extension pipe, stainless fuel tank, on original transport stand with panel and wheels, last run Jan 2018. Requires two heavy duty truck batteries to start.

Derwent engine manual included.

no time logs but could be used in an aircraft 'on condition subject to lame/ap inspection.

Very Rare in this condition.

$18,000 USD.
Continental R975-EC2 tank radial engine
Continental R975-EC2 Radial engine, overhauled and rebuilt bottom end.

Just requires top end assembled which is supplied with engine.

Comes with Magneto’s, Carby, Starter, induction.

email for more info/photos

This engine was used on M3 Lee, M4 Sherman M7 Priest, M18 Hellcat tanks, Kangaroo APCs etc it is the vehicle adaption of the Wright Whirlwind aircraft engine.

$7500, worldwide shipping available
rebuilt bottom end
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