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B-25 Mitchell rudder (SOLD)
B-25 Mitchell rudder, left over from the war against japan. good wall hangar or repair
A6M Zero instrument panel & control stick (sold)
A6M-3 Zero instrument panel, new made, one left 2024 T3 aluminum, heat treated, all holes cut to exact dimensions New made control stick. $2000, contact us for a shipping quote
A6M Zero instrument panel & control stick
(SOLD) CAC Boomerang fighter induction trunk
CAC Boomerang fighter induction trunk, good pattern or parts. $1000 US
(SOLD) A6M instrument panel mounts
Japanese A6M zero instrument panel & compass mounts, newly made to spec $650
(SOLD) Mitsubishi G4M instrument panel
Mitsubishi G4M 'Betty' bomber instrument panel recovered from a downed Japanese air force bomber in the pacific.This is a very rare piece of history that has been resprayed black, these photos show the original condition and the present condition in black.

Asking $5000 US for this extremely rare piece. Interested parties can contact us for a shipping quote.
(SOLD) Lockheed P-38 lightning cannon carriers
Lockheed P-38 lightning cannon carriers, weldable/repairable 3 available, $1200/ea
(SOLD) DAP / Bristol Beaufort throttle quadrant
DAP / Bristol Beaufort throttle quadrant in good / functional condition, missing one throttle knob. $850
Schrader oxygen valves
Schrader oxygen valves as used by most WW2 aircraft, unused new old stock $2.50/ea
Douglas C-47 DC-3 induction trunk
Douglas C-47 / DC-3 Dakota induction trunk, new old stock


Worldwide shipping is available
CAC Winjeel spares
Sold as a single lot

1 x DW-1015 Tail Wheel

1 x 25-31084-1

1 x 22-31814-1C

2 x 18-43222   Seat Harness latch cable

2 x 22-53138-1 Pulley Bracket

3 x 25-43067 Throttle Quad Cover

1 x 25-48160  Filter Assem

1 x 25-43074 Throttle Quad Cover (used)

1 x 25-42016-2  Carb Heat valve

1 x 25-43071-4  Cover Assem

1 x 22-31867  Canopy Truck

1 x 25-43062 Throttle Lever

1 x 25-43016 Throttle Lever

2 x 25-43130 Throttle Lever

1 x 25-43124  Lever

1 x 25-43033 Lever

1 x 25-34104 Tail Wheel Pivot Bolt

2 x 25-53135 Seat Harness Lock

2 x 26-20182 Bearing Bracket

2 x 25-2140-3 Bearing Bracket

1 x 25-21023 Stab Bracket Bellcrank

1 x 25-31801-3 Cowl Hinge Box

2 x Brake Lines

1 x Tail Wheel Strut pivot

1 x 25-53301 Ram Air Tube (used slight damage)

4 x 25-31070 Centre Consul Cover LH

1 x 25-31065 Centre Consul Cover

2 x 25-31831  (31830) Windscreen Channels

1 x 25-43036 Push Rod

1 x 25-43037 Push Rod

1 x 25-43034 Push Rod

1 x 25-52111-2A Push Rod

Various loose used items 6 off.

All Parts are New Old Stock unless marked otherwise.


B-17 type B-10 bomb shackle
Good condition Type B-10 bomb shackle

0-1600 lbs

1943 manufacture

Type 2 grimes light
Grimes Ident light , type E2, green color, 24 volt

Airtex Type-E (tropical) raf raaf flying helmet
Mint condition early type E Tropical light weight mesh RAF & RAAF WW2 flying cap with receiver and lead.

Very rare

Early P-47 razorback rack
Early P-47D razorback drop tank, bomb rack and belly crash rail, rare part.

Lockheed hudson/ventura fin
Lockheed hudson/ventura fin, will polish up well for a display piece.

$650 US
C-46 commando cowling
Curtis C-46 commando cowling recovered from an old air field in the south west pacific.

World wide shipping available

Curtiss P-40 patents placard (P-40)
Curtiss P-40 patents placard - NEW
Japanese type 93 torpedo
Japanese type 93 'long lance' torpedo used by the imperial Japanese navy front section only, the torpedo failed to detonate in the south pacific and was captured with the explosives being removed by the us navy. will ship worldwide.
Japanese type 93 torpedo
North American T6-G oil tank
North American T6G oil tank, good condition, covered in oil and dirty but solid, part number 77-47002 $400
Packard merlin engine harnesses
Packard merlin engine harnesses, came off RAAF P-51D mustangs 4 available, left/right available, $850 per side
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