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Curtiss P-40 patents placard (P-40)
Curtiss P-40 patents placard - NEW
Grimes Rheostat assembly
Grimes No A-4600 $50/ea
P-40 kittyhawk / Warhawk rudder pedals
Curtis P-40 rudder pedals newly made $550/pr
P-40N pilots seat armor plate
P-40N pilots seat armor plate, this will need blasting and painting, 3 available
Engine primer placard
Engine primer placard, suit most warbirds, new
P-40 hydraulic tank placard
Curtiss P-40 hydraulic tank fill instructions placard, Aluminum, updated to modern spec Mil 5606
Curtiss electric prop placard
Curtiss electric propeller placards, $35 each
Historic C-47B cockpit
This is the nose cockpit section from a C-47B Dakota that was used by the queen on her 1954 Royal tour of Australia.

(above: Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh exiting the aircraft)

The aircraft was delivered in 1945 to 36th squadron of the RAAF as A65-123 and was used to transport Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh around the country in 1954.

During this time it was briefly flown by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

(above: during the tour)(below: later RAAF service)

It continued in RAAF service until 1968 when it was transferred to the Royal Australian navy and designated N2-123 coded NW for its home base at HMAS Albatros.

(above: with the navy at Nowra NSW)

After the Navy retired it's Dakotas this aircraft was broken up with only the cockpit being saved. Since then this section has been completely restored to its original condition and has been preserved in storage for over thirty years.

The section is entirely restored and complete down to the pilots head sets.

The section is mounted on a wheeled stand and can be shipped world wide safely via sea freight.

Asking US $43,000.
ex-RAAF 1954 queens royal tour aircraft
NOS Sea vampire / Meteor F8 stick grip
New old stock DeHavilland sea vampire stick grip as used on Royal Australian Navy vampires, RAAF meteor F8's, may have also been used on other vampires, mint condition

Resistance bulbs
Resistance new old stock $40/ea
De Havilland Vampire oxygen regulator
De Havilland Vampire oxygen regulator

Good condition

Curtiss P-40 placards
Aluminum with raised lettering, hydraulic tube placard $95. Aluminum flap and U/C warning placard $85
Curtiss P-40 parking brake placard
Curtiss P-40 parking brake placard, aluminum, $25, Brass defrost placard $50
Spitfire fuel on/off
Spitfire fuel on/off, new high quality

Gloster Meteor tank jettison
Gloster Meteor F8 tank/bomb jettison assembly new old stock

NAA F-86 / CAC Sabre stick grip
New old stock North American F-86 / CAC Sabre stick grip, minor rash from the years but overall good condition

B-25 mitchell rudder bar & pedals
B-25 Mitchell rudder bar & pedals very good condition


World wide shipping available
T-6G Harvard canopies
2x New old stock T-6G & Harvard trainer canopies they have some hangar rash but are otherwise good

$300 each
P-47D thunderbolt jettison bars
Stainless canopy jettison bars for a P-47D razorback

P-39 "Julia 2nd" pilots door
This is a very rare and historical pilots door from Bell P-39Q Airacobra s/n 42-19883, this aircraft is the sister ship of the famous "Brooklyn Bum" and "Sir little echo" P-39Q's and these flew with the 82nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron in the south west pacific from bases in New Guinea and later west Papua/Indonesia.

This particular aircraft was flown by the 82nd from 1942 until late 1944 until the group moved to the Philippines and traded in the cobra's for P-51D Mustang's.These aircraft were employed in low level high speed recon and strafing missions and were armed to the teeth with extra wing mounted .50 caliber guns in pods in addition to the standard 37mm cannon and nose mounted .50's.

Not many of these have survived and it is unlikely another will ever come up for sale again.

World wide shipping is available, contact us for a quote.
very rare
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