P-40N combat veteran project (updated)

Very extensive project

This is a very advanced and extensive P-40N-5 Warhawk restoration project, it consists of virtually all major and hard to get components and is the result of a decade+ of hard work. This rebuild was started alongside another P-40 rebuild that is now almost complete.

To rebuild a P-40 to the stage that this project is currently at in today's dollars would cost in excess of $500,000 USD and be much harder to do as most critical components have been used up.

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This project includes but is not limited to:

Original damaged fuselage pieces

Original, repairable wings

Good Original undercarriage

Good Original engine mounts

Virtually new "quick build" fuselage kit including:
firewall, frames (mostly assembled), upper and lower longerons, stringers, parts, fittings, brackets etc

New built vertical fin (kit)

original, front, moving and fixed rear canopies

armor plate

electrical boxes


control stick, trim units & fittings


rudder pedal assembly

fuel system components

radio equipment

Hamilton standard propeller hub

Hamilton standard propeller

Horizontal stabiliser spars (new)

75% complete aircraft

Priced at $260,000 USD, you will not find another project as complete or being able to return to flight in a short time for this price again!


  • Model: P-40

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