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P-47 Thunderbolt original nose art/cowling panel
This is the original left side nose cowl from a P-47D Thunderbolt named "Miss Dana" that fought in the south western pacific during the war.

Not much is known about the aircraft except it flew with the 39th or 40th fighter squadron and at one point was lost near Lae in New Guinea and the US air force was seeking information on it as late as 1990.

Miss Dana was obviously a special aircraft, likely flown by a CO or a pilot with a good combat record as most aircraft in this outfit did not have names on them.

Miss Dana has been painted in a gothic style font in white, over a red background that was outlined in white.

The 39th & 40th fought all the way up to the Philippines in their P-47's before changing them out for Mustangs in 1945.

Miss Dana would have been painted in the same way as the aircraft pictured above, overall silver with a black anti glare coating in front of the pilot, with either blue, red or white on the cowling and the red/white bars on the rudder.

Original, untouched WW2 nose art is extremely rare to find these days, even more so in the pacific theater where the climate makes short work of aircraft aluminum.

Asking $10,000 for this original, one-of-a-kind piece of history.
DH Mosquito flap, undercarriage and bomb bay selector
DH Mosquito flap, undercarriage and bomb bay door selector valve / mechanism

Extremely rare item for any restoration or cockpit project.

Type B-7 bomb shackles
Type B-7 bomb shackles as used in various WW2 aircraft like the B-17 flying Fortress.

Load capacity up to 1100 lbs

Original, some rust, $250/pr
Booster coil, type C2TS
Booster coil, type C2TS, 24 V, NOS condition, slight surface rust

$295 USD
(SOLD) B-24 bomber throttle levers
Consolidated B-24 Liberator throttle levers, recovered from the pacific war zone.

Decent condition

$450 US
A-20 Havoc release bomb levers
Douglas A-20 Havoc release bomb levers

Battlefield recovered parts, suit restoration

(SOLD) WW2 Japanese aircraft tool box

This is a rare find, a Japanese WW2 mechanics tool box for working on the Nakajima Homare Engine

This engine was developed from the A6M Zero engine, the Sakae and was used to power:

As far as can be ascertained this tool box and its contents belonged to a mechanic serving in the Imperial Japanese Navy and was taken shortly after the war as loot by a Captain Eugene A Changnon. Changnon of Tinley Park, Illinois, was a 1935 graduate of the University of Chicago Medical School. He served as an Army medical captain in the Pacific area during World War II.

The chest comes with its remaining tools and export certificate issued by the US Army in 1945.


Aircraft ammo chute
WW2 Aircraft ammo chute, unknown type

(SOLD) DeHavilland mosquito rh instrument panel
This is an original DeHavilland mosquito right hand instrument panel

Very rare find

Named WWII bomber seat
This seat is from an A-28 or A-29 Lockheed Hudson bomber named "Miss Carriage".

it is the radio operator/gunners seat.

The RAAF was very conservative in the naming of their aircraft in the early war period and this likely came from a USAAC aircraft that was handed to the RAAF shortly after the Japanese attacked pearl harbor.

This was found in Australia where the USAAC and later USAAF had several aircraft named "Miss Carriage" including a B-17E, B-17F, B-24D and B-26.

World wide shipping is available.
Wartime original P-47D throttle & mount
Wartime original Republic P-47D fighter throttle & mount

Came out of the pacific, as used on early D razorback model with round PTT switch.

very good but original condition

note crack around hole on the throttle mount casting

(SOLD) B-17E/F/G "Cheyenne" Tail Turret gun carriages
twin .50 cal gun carriages

B-17E/F/G usaaf WWII

2 available, $525 each

(SOLD) Boeing B-17 bombardiers control panel
Extremely rare original Boeing B-17E or F bombardiers control panel

This part came from a B-17 bomber that fought against the Japanese in WW2, battlefield recovered.

(SOLD) Douglas DC-3 / C-47 cowling
Douglas DC-3 / C-47 top cowling section

good condition

Martin 250CE ammo booster
Ammunition feed booster as used on the Martin 250CE upper turret

24V, used on canadian Lancaster bombers, American B-26 Marauders, B-24 Liberators, PB4Y's and A-20 Havocs

P&W R-1830 magnetos
Bendix Scintilla SF14 LN-3 magnetos, 3 available in original transport stands

likely overhauled but have been in storage for 40 years so fair condition/tbo

Used on C-47/DC-3 and many others

Very rare WW1 RFC aerial bomb
This is a WW1 Royal flying corps / Australian flying corps 112 Lb bomb.

It was brought back from Europe at the end of hostilities in 1919 and sectioned and displayed at the Australian war museum.

It was filed with plaster and painted on the inside, this paint has now faded away.

Made by the English Royal Laboratory in 1917-1918, it is over 100 years old and would make a fantastic display piece.

Used by the Handly page V/1500, Beardmore bombers, DH.9 bombers, FE.2b etc

World wide shipping is available.

$1250 US

CAC Wirraway rear gun post
Hydraulic rear gun post for the Wirraways .30 cal machine gun
rare item


Bristol Beaufighter undercarriage indicators
Original undercarriage indicators from an RAAF DAP/Bristol beaufighter.

Made by the Bristol aircraft company in the UK

Original as removed condition.

Complete and correct set

Rare pre-war US navy gun sight
Very rare 1941 dated US Navy fighter MK 3-7 gun sight

This telescopic sight was used on aircraft such as the Grumman F3F, Douglas TBD Devastator, early SBD dauntless dive bombers etc

Rare find in excellent condition.

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