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RAAF Boeing 707 tanker part
This is a section of the fuselage windows from the side of an RAAF Boeing 707 tanker / VIP aircraft, great for a display.

Douglas DC-3 / C-47 cowling
Douglas DC-3 / C-47 top cowling section

good condition

(SOLD) Grumman F6F Hellcat wing gun panel
This is a Grumman F6F Hellcat wing gun panel with good original wartime paint.

Based on the outer paint this likely came from a lend-lease F6F that was passed from the USN to the Royal Navy.

The Royal Navy used the hellcat extensively alongside the US navy in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters, however this aircraft
was based in the pacific and maintained in Australia where the Royal Navy had several large aircraft depots.

It is in great condition and marked with "4 5 6" on the inside denoting the location of the 4th, 5th and 6th .50 caliber machine guns in the starboard wing.

World wide shipping is available.


Consolidated B-24 bomber rear turret (b-24 liberator)
Consolidated B-24 liberator bomber 250CH rear turret, also suits Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer.

Solid project, missing plexiglass & armored glass, comes with post & controls, It has cosmetic damage on the light sheet metal skins, good for restoration not crashed.

This came from a B-24M or J bomber that was used by the USAAF in the pacific and later handed down to the Royal Australian Air Force for missions over occupied islands north of Australia.

The aircraft survived the war but was scrapped in the late 1940's, however this was preserved and has been in storage on a farm since then.

Great restoration project

Room needed, price reduced $7500

World wide shipping is available.
R985, R1340 Magneto, cutaway museum quality display
Pratt Whitney R985, R1340 Radial Magneto, cutaway museum quality display

Suit museum, trade school etc

very good condition, $550 US
(SOLD) Mitsubishi F1M 'pete cowling panel
This is a rare and well preserved Mitsubishi F1M cowling / engine access panel which still displays the aircraft serial number from the Japanese navy air service of WWII.

World wide shipping is available.

Bendix asi
Pioneer Bendix 400 mph air speed indicator

very clean but suit o/h

p/n 1420-14B-A2

Avro Lancaster / Lincoln spinner
New old stock Avro Lancaster or Lincoln prop spinner.

This is WWII NOS, no cut outs or backing plate.

De Havilland Mosquito bulkhead
De Havilland Mosquito cowling bulkhead.

This part attaches to the end of the engine cowling just behind the prop spinner.

L 981867-8

stamped "159" & DH"

Fairey firefly exhaust shroud
EX RAN Fairey Firefly exhaust shroud.

inner & outer pieces, good condition.


(SOLD) DAP / Bristol Beaufort pilots gun sight
RAAF DAP (Bristol) Beaufort pilots gun sight.

This sight was attached to the cockpit frame on the inside of the aircraft for the pilot to aim his guns.


Avro Lincoln / Lancaster engine mount / QEC
EX-RAAF Avro lincoln engine mount / bearer, for the Rolls Royce Merlin V12 engine.

The mount looks identical to a Lancaster mk iii except it has the addition of an extra reinforcement tube, however it may be the same as late model Lancasters from mk iv and on.

Complete with coolers, induction trunk, spitfire thermostat, one exhaust panel, some outlet panels, cowling panels etc.

This will clean up well and suit display or a test rig running merlin or packard merlin engines for ground runs, very solid frame.


Worldwide sea shipping available in a box.
Historic B-24 throttle & a/c data plate
This is a complete throttle quadrant from an early B-24D combat veteran aircraft that crashed in New Guinea, South pacific in WWII.

This B-24D-5-CO was assigned to the 400th Bomb Squadron known as the "Black Pirates" for missions in the SWPA.

In 1943 this aircraft was returning from a bombing mission on Japanese positions in Wewak New Guinea, it was preparing to land at dusk and unfortunately struck a mountain at 3000ft agl.

This throttle was found in a scrap yard and saved from scrapping by an aircraft enthusiast over 30 years ago.

The quadrant still has the original aircraft data plated attached with its serial number.

(SOLD) WW1 RFC fighter tachometer rev gauge
This is an extremely rare first world war royal flying corps mark V tachometer made by S Smith & Sons in London.

This 600 - 2600 RPM type gauge was fitted to several British & Commonwealth aircraft from late 1917 and lasted into the interwar period.

Going off the tacho cable mounting this particular gauge was likely fitted to a De Havilland DH.9A gifted from the RFC/RAF to the newly established Royal Australian Air Force.

However the gauge could also be fitted to other types including:

Bristol Bulldog IIa
Fairey III F/D
Bristol F.2 fighter
some variants of the DH.60 Moth
some Sopwith aircraft

among other types.


Bristol F.2B fighter

The "A" and the arrow on the rear casing called the 'Broad arrow' denotes it was issued from the Air Ministry to the Royal Flying Corps before 1919 when instruments then issued with a 6A/xxx number.

It is in remarkable unrestored condition for something that is approximately 105 years old and would most likely work as designed.

(SOLD) IJN Mitsubishi A6M2 Type 0 (A6m Zero)
This is an very rare, combat used Mitsubishi A6M2 type 0 'Zero' fighter aircraft that was flown by the Imperial Japanese Navy during WW2 in battle against allied forces.

Believed to have belonged to the fighter air wing of the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi, it participated in the early battles of the second world war in the Pacific including the bombing of Darwin, Australia.

(IJN A6M fighters taking off for battle during Operation I-Go)

The complete history of the aircraft is not known but what is known is that it was landed in the shortland islands for Operation I-Go, a Massive Japanese operation aimed at shoring up a line of defense against allied attacks in the south east pacific after recent defeats in the Battle of Guadalcanal & New Guinea.

However on the 18th of October 1943 the island where this Zero was based was attacked by the US Navy with 24 SBD dive bombers, 12 TBF Avenger bombers and 56 escorting fighters, followed up by 30 B-24 Heavy bombers and 17 P-38 lightnings that dropped 202 1000LB bombs on the runway and dispersal areas.

Although the aircraft did not take direct hit during the attack it was damaged by shrapnel and subsequently used for parts to keep other aircraft flying.

The remains of this aircraft were discovered hidden deep in the overgrown jungle and great effort has been put into recovering it from its isolated resting place for preservation and restoration.

The cockpit still contains many original items as it has remained completely untouched since 1945, however it is missing its seat, control stick and instrument panel as they were likely taken as souvenirs by US Marines after the Japanese surrender.

The remains are in remarkably sound condition and consist of the cockpit section complete with throttle, rudder pedals etc from the firewall and up to the rear bulkhead (which has been separated from the rear of the section) and wing sections with many places still retaining the unique green Japanese primer and stenciling.

This is possibly the last opportunity to own and restore a genuine Imperial Japanese Navy fighter aircraft from the second world war.


We can ship this aircraft project world wide via sea freight, serious parties should contact us for details.
Pilatus PC-9/A elevator trim tab assy

Pilatus PC-9/A elevator trim tab assy, new, serviceable

P/N 555.20.09.004


Pilatus PC-9/A RH Aileron
Pilatus PC-9/A RH Aileron

This aileron came from EX RAAF Roulette's display aircraft A23-061

it is unserviceable due to minor corrosion, however it could be repaired or used for display.

P/N 66 131 7372

Pilatus PC-9/A elevator tips
Pilatus PC-9/A elevator tips, new, unused

555 2009201

Pilatus PC-9/A tank access frames
Pilatus PC-9/A tank access frames, new, serviceable.


7 available

(SOLD) Avro Lancaster rear turret control & parts (lancaster)
Nash & Thompson FN20 rear gun turret control & various hydraulic pieces apparently also fits FN120, FN121 and some parts may fit FN4, FN82

As used on the four-gun tail turret on Avro Lancaster, Vickers Wellington, Short Stirling and Armstrong Whitworth Whitley WW2 RAF Bombers.

Very rare piece, World wide shipping is available.

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