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Named WWII bomber seat
This seat is from an A-28 or A-29 Lockheed Hudson bomber named "Miss Carriage".

it is the radio operator/gunners seat.

The RAAF was very conservative in the naming of their aircraft in the early war period and this likely came from a USAAC aircraft that was handed to the RAAF shortly after the Japanese attacked pearl harbor.

This was found in Australia where the USAAC and later USAAF had several aircraft named "Miss Carriage" including a B-17E, B-17F, B-24D and B-26.

World wide shipping is available.
Pilots parachute harness release
WW2 commonwealth Pilots parachute harness release

air ministry 15A/970

stamped AML
(SOLD) NATO Ordinance racks
NATO standard, came off an Aermacchi AM3-C bosbok but will fit other types, cessna etc

great condition

p/n 35 900 20 10 A

B-17 & other ammo cans
30 round, 50 caliber ammunition cans used mainly on early B-17s, B-24s and others before the advent of flexible chutes

used up to B-17F-1 in the waist gunners position.

3 cans available, complete $100/ea or $240 for 3.

CAC Wirraway rear gun post
Hydraulic rear gun post for the Wirraways .30 cal machine gun
rare item


WW2 Curtiss electric prop pitch (foreign)
WW2 Curtiss electric prop pitch unit, looks to be a foreign/commonwealth order, straight cut cam gear not beveled.

looks to be of the C532D / C53D type, complete but missing prop brake on the top under the dust cover.

Suit 3 blade unit, likely Curtiss types like P-36 Hawk, Hawk 75A, CW-22, Brewster Buffalo / B-239 / B-339

Most likely Curtiss Hawk 75 specifically though but parts are interchangeable.

Seems to be from a Norwegian or Danish order pre-1941, good condition.

CAC Wirraway gun panels
CAC Wirraway forward machine gun panels

(SOLD) CAC Wirraway RH elevator
Original CAC Wirraway RH elevator

Good condition, not the same as naa T-6 / Harvard

$750 US
CAC Wirraway oil tank
CAC Wirraway oil tank

made by CAC at fisherman's bend, good original condition

$750 US
(SOLD) CAC Wirraway side panels
CAC Wirraway side panels

2 x left
1 x right

they need some work but where do you find them these days?

$1500 US/lot
(SOLD) Douglas A-20G windscreen relic
Douglas A-20G windscreen relic from a pacific war combat vet. $200
(SOLD) A-20G boston / havoc control column
This pilots control column came from a Douglass A-20G that fought against the Japanese in New Guinea and the Pacific islands during WW2, it can be blasted treated and re coated with rubber by any steering wheel restoration shop to look pristine again. World wide shipping is available, $1250 US / obo
Avro Lancaster bomber ailerons
WW2 RAF Lancaster bomber ailerons

English built, good for restoration or display

located australia, can be shipped in a wooden crate

(SOLD) DeHavilland Tiger moth parts
De Havilland Tiger moth parts

Venturi $150
P8 Compass holders $150/ea

WW2 RAF & RAAF Mason jar
WW2 RAF & RAAF Mason jar
used on the battery setup of some RAF aircraft, also used on RAAF wirraway aircraft.

for excess electrolyte discharge into airstream.

air ministry ref G6D/10513

Bristol Beaufighter undercarriage indicators
Original undercarriage indicators from an RAAF DAP/Bristol beaufighter.

Made by the Bristol aircraft company in the UK

Original as removed condition.

Complete and correct set

DeHavilland mosquito fuel gauges
DeHavilland mosquito fuel gauges

Left side can be used for parts or repair, Right side is in good condition

Control knobs
Believed to be WW2 vintage control knobs from avro anson, possibly lancaster or mosquito

Flexible gun chutes
Flexible ammo chutes as used on WW2 fighters and bombers

stainless steel, repairable

#1 $750

#2 $550

#3 damaged/repairable $300

(SOLD) Republic P-47 Thunderbolt controls
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt control column base with a bit of the control stick still in place but cut off

hard to get part

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