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(SOLD) WW1 RAF pitot tube
Pitot tube used on WW1 and other early war RAF / Commonwealth aircraft.

New old stock


Bristol beaufighter / beaufort etc carb control
Bristol beaufighter / beaufort etc carb cut out control

new old stock

nos terminal block
New old stock terminal block, likely raf / raaf type, beaufort, beaufighter etc

(SOLD) Republic P-47 Thunderbolt cowling sections
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt cowling formers & parts

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt SC exhaust shroud
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt lower supercharger exhaust shroud

Stainless, repairable

89F11910 52

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt elevator
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt partial elevator

Recovered from wreck, good wall hanger

AN-4078-1 dilution solenoid valve
AN-4078-1 Fuel / Oil dilution solenoid valve

new old stock

Graviner AM 21 F/373
Graviner AM 21 F/373

RAAF / RAF fire detection switch

Assorted CAC CA-11 Woomera parts
Rare CA-11 Woomera parts, the woomera crashed and never reached mass production before the wars end.


CA-11 Woomera electrical box
Rare CA-11 Woomera electrical box, the woomera crashed and never reached mass production before the wars end.

p/n 11-104225

(SOLD) Resistance bulbs
Resistance new old stock $40/ea
Kawasaki KI-61 hein engine mount
Japanese KI-61 hein engine isolation mount.

good condition, $350
Queen Elizabeth II's C-47B Dakota cockpit

This is the nose cockpit section from a C-47B Dakota that was used by the queen on her 1954 Royal tour of Australia.

(above: Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh exiting the aircraft)

The aircraft was delivered in 1945 to 36th squadron of the RAAF as A65-123 and was used to transport Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh around the country in 1954.

During this time it was briefly flown by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Video of this at top).

(above: during the tour)(below: later RAAF service)

It continued in RAAF service until 1968 when it was transferred to the Royal Australian navy and designated N2-123 coded NW for its home base at HMAS Albatros.

(above: with the navy at Nowra NSW)

After the Navy retired it's Dakotas this aircraft was broken up with only the cockpit being saved. Since then this section has been completely restored to its original condition and has been preserved in storage for over thirty years.

The section is entirely restored and complete down to the pilots head sets.

The section is mounted on a wheeled stand and can be shipped world wide safely via sea freight.

This section is a historic museum piece in excellent condition and ready to display.

The section should fit in a sealed 20ft HC container for shipping.
Asking US $42,000. (GST applicable if sold within Australia)
1954 queens royal tour aircraft
DeHavilland Tiger moth parts
De Havilland Tiger moth parts

Venturi $150
P8 Compass holders $150/ea

(SOLD) B-17 waist gun mount
Early .50 cal B-17 waist gun mount as used in the pacific war against Japan.

battlefield recovery.

(SOLD) B-17 bomber waist gun belt assy
Very rare B-17 bomber waist gunner belt assembly

fair condition, rare find


(SOLD) P-39 / P-400 Airacobra spinner
Bell P-39 Airacobra spinner with backing plate.

Could be from a P-39D Q or P-400.

original heavy item made of steel not aluminum.

Can ship in a box.

old magneto switch
Unknown make, turns/operates fine

B-17E/F/G "Cheyenne" Tail Turret gun carriages
twin .50 cal gun carriages

B-17E/F/G usaaf WWII

2 available, $525 each

(SOLD) Lockheed PV-1 ventura instrument panel
Original WW2 Lockheed ventura instrument panel.

still has both data plates attached (lockheed & us army air force), recovered from the pacific.

could clean up well.

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