P-40 Warhawk parts

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P-40 warhawk spinner backing
Spinner backing plate for a P-40 Warhawk

comes with two castings, weldable / repairable

$1550 US
(SOLD) P-40 spinner backing plate
Curtiss P-40 spinner backing plate with skirt, suits curtiss electric propeller

suit P-40 models E F K N etc$

1850 US
(SOLD) Curtis P-40N RH fishtail exhausts
Curtis P-40N Warhawk fishtail exhausts

some dings

6 X RH side

$440/ea or $2300/lot
(SOLD) Curtis P-40N LH fishtail exhausts
Curtis P-40N Warhawk fishtail exhausts

6 X LH side

$400/ea or $2000/lot
Curtiss P-40 combat veteran windscreen
This is an extremely rare and original Curtiss P-40 Warhawk front windscreen that came off a combat aircraft that fought the Japanese army air force in the south pacific during the second world war.

Great for display or a pattern for rebuilding your own airworthy windscreen.

$3000 US

Worldwide shipping is available contact us for more information

Curtiss P-40 combat veteran rudder bar
Original rudder bar and pedals from a combat veteran P-40 Warhawk fighter.

The bar is usable for flight status, the pedals and hangers are static only.

The rudder bar is one of the most complicated items to manufacture for a P-40.

$5750 USD

Worldwide shipping is available

Curtiss P-40 fuselage fuel drain
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk / Kittyhawk fuselage fuel drain.

Damaged condition

P-40N pilots seat armor plate
P-40N pilots seat armor plate, this will need blasting and painting, 3 available
(SOLD) P-40N exhaust stacks
Curtiss P-40N exhaust stacks, 7 x LH and 6 x RH $375 EACH, contact us for a shipping quote.
(SOLD) Curtiss P-40 stainless exhaust shrouds (last pair)
last pair, repairable with minor work, light surface rust from hardware

P-40 cooler intake forgings
P-40 cooler intake forgings x3 for $1200, some damage/corrosion
P-40 warhawk main landing gear
suit parts or restoration getting rare, $2200 ono
Very rare P-40 warhawk fin
Rare original combat veteran P-40 warhawk tail fin / vertical stabilizer.

This came from a rare Curtiss P-40 warhawk that fought the Japanese in the Pacific theater, it is still in its original camouflage.

The fin still has an attached data plate with readable build number that could identify the exact aircraft.

It does have some corrosion as expected but is still a great piece for display or rebuild, a very rare collectable part with a combat history.

Worldwide shipping is available.
P-40 tail wheel tyre
P-40 tail wheel tyre

12:50 SC 12 ply dunlop

P-40 fuel system air vapor eliminator
P40 fuel system air vapor eliminator, type AC-21398

fair condition

(SOLD) P-40 warhawk tail gear
good for restoration $850 ono
(SOLD) P-40E rear fixed canopy bow
P-40E rear fixed canopy bow, original, treated and 2 pack primed
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