B-25 Mitchell parts

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(SOLD) P&W R-1830 engine
Pratt & Whitney R1830-92 1200hp twin wasp engine.

missing logbook but has been inspected by an engine shop and found to be in good condition.

EX-SAAF DC-3 /C-47, likely removed when they converted to turboprops.

The nose case has been removed and the reduction gear and front case bearings were found to be in good condition with no signs of damage and no metal found.

It has had cylinders 7 and 8 removed to inspect the master rod bearings, no damage to either front or rear master rod bearing could be seen, and no metal was found, the master rods had a light coating of baked on oil, which indicated that the engine is low time.

The center crankcase is the heavy duty version, typical of the gold engines from South Africa, all cylinders appear to be standard bore.

The rear case was removed to inspect the rear supercharger bearing which is the one most likely to fail, the bearing was intact, and no metal was found.


World wide shipping available

B-25 pilots sliding window
B-25 pilots sliding window

Perspex has gone black and folded up, frame is fairly good

B-25 Mitchell heater vent
B-25 Mitchell heater vent fuselage station 208, upper

P/N 82-53373

B-25 Mitchell astrodome frame
North American B-25 Mitchell astro dome frame

From early B-25 C / D etc, fits behind cockpit

P/N 82-310855

(SOLD) B-25 mitchell rudder bar & pedals
B-25 Mitchell rudder bar & pedals very good condition


World wide shipping available
(SOLD) B-25 turret cupola
North American B-25 Mitchell turret cupola

Some corrosion, weldable

B-25H mitchell gun mounts
New old stock B-25H Mitchell gun mounts, good condition $850/pr
B-25 bomb rack
North american B-25 dual wing faired bomb rack


Worldwide shipping available
WW2 bomber radio
WWII bomber radio receiver as used on B-17, B-25 etc

Hamilton std 23E50 hub
Hamilton Standard 23E50 propeller hubs still in grease paper, suit DC-3, B-17, B-24, F4U-1, F6F etc

not sold with spider or dome

only one left

approximately 30KG each, contact us for shipping
Schrader oxygen valves
Schrader oxygen valves as used by most WW2 aircraft, unused new old stock $2.50/ea
(SOLD) B-25 cockpit access door
B-25 cockpit access door recovered from the swpa

Some damage, great for pattern, display or repair


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(SOLD) B-25 pilots seat
B-25 mitchell pilots seat, its a little bent but could be straightened. $750 worldwide shipping available, contact us for a quote
(SOLD) B-25 mitchell seat
B-25 mitchell seat as used by the navigator, waist gunner and tail gunner on these bombers Worldwide shipping available $300
B-25 rudder bar & pedals (sold)
B-25 rudder bar & pedals, battlefield recovered $450, contact us for shipping
B-25D combat veteran nose section (SOLD)
B-25D combat veteran nose section, 41-30188, "big time operator". This aircraft has 26 bombing missions and 3 Japanese aircraft shot down in the south pacific, it is a fairly complete nose section, cut aft of the cockpit roll over by the US Army, it has the control columns, rudder pedals, walkway, instrument panel etc, most parts are present. the nose green house framework is present but not pictured. It was assigned to 498th BS , 345th BG as LITTLE NEL where it saw combat and obtained 3 Jap fighters . It was involved in 26 bombing and weather missions . It was involved in an accident and repaired . It eventually ended up assigned to the 27th Air Depot Group with artwork Big Time Operator. Used as a Fatcat with fresh food and Alcohol as well as fly personal between New Guinea and Australia This aircraft has significant historical value and would make a fairly easy museum restoration piece. this aircrafts turret can also be made available. $25k ono, can be shipped worldwide in a 20' container.
B-25 Mitchell rudder (SOLD)
B-25 Mitchell rudder, left over from the war against japan. good wall hangar or repair
Bendix A-9N turret (SOLD)
Bendix A-9N turret possibly from a B-25J, bendix A-9N, no cupola. contact for shipping
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