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(SOLD) Original Republic P-47D-3 Thunderbolt panel
This is an original Republic P-47D-3 Thunderbolt panel that came from a combat veteran in the south pacific.

Believed to be from 42-22603.

Some of the damaged instruments were replaced and the radio call plate has disintegrated like most do in the tropics.

Otherwise 100% original including paint.

P/N 93 1110 -xx3

World wide shipping available.

WW2 fighter fuel filter
Fuel filter Aero Supply MFG , 23412

likely P-47 Thunderbolt but will fit other fighters

CAC Wirraway rear canopy
RAAF CAC Wirraway rear canopy, likely NOS

$500 US
(SOLD) Douglas A-20G havoc gun nose
Well used gun nose section from A-20 havoc 43-21685, pacific war veteran. $2500+shipping
P-47 Thunderbolt engine mount
P-47 Thunderbolt R-2800 engine mount
reasonable condition for age
very large item
Royal navy WW2 tail wheel
Early tail wheel as used on early Fairey Firefly fighter bombers, Fairey Barracuda MK 1 dive bombers and Fairey albacore torpedo bombers

Good condition

High pressure WW2 tail wheel (P-82 twin mustang, Corsair etc)
High pressure Firestone model JO-200FM-2, interchangeable with Goodyear 511350 and Hayes D-3-275X-1 as used on:

P-51H mustang
UC-78/AT-17 -A -B -C -D bobcat
P-82 twin mustang
TBM-1 / TBF-1 avenger
F4U-1 -2 corsair
F3A-1 -2 -3 corsair

Very good original condition


contact us for more information

P-51 mustang elevator & rudder hinge
New old stock P-51 mustang elevator & rudder hinges, two available.

P/N 73-22015

packed 1943.

suit A-36, P-51A through to D/H

Japanese WW2 machine gun camera
Japanese type 89 Konishoruko Rokuoh-Sha machine gun camera

Used on Japanese Naval fighter aircraft in WW2

Rare fine, $2200
(SOLD) Rare P-47D mirror mount
Rare P-47D razorback mirror mount

(SOLD) P-51 mustang landing gear warning horn
P-51 mustang landing gear warning horn

type J-2

o/h 1948

(SOLD) P-38 lightning exhaust system
P-38 lightning exhaust system, new old stock $3750
P-51 mustang hydraulic landing gear door strut
P-51 mustang hydraulic landing door gear strut / ram

Assy 106-58701

good condition, overhauled late 1940s

P-51 mustang landing gear door valve
P-51 mustang clamshell gear door valve

P/N 99-58019
Assy 106-580190

overhauled late 1940's great condition

WW2 Japanese army air force ASI
WW2 Japanese army air force ASI

Type 98 Air Speed Indicator

Used by various fighters and bombers including the Ki-43 Hayabusa, Ki-44, Ki-45,Ki-61, Ki-100, Ki-48, Ki-67, Ki-83, Ki-102

0 - 700km/h

(SOLD) De Havilland Mosquito control column
Original WW2 RAAF De Havilland Mosquito control column

likely from a FB model, good usable condition, no corrosion or damage

No yoke suit fighter or bomber yoke

Douglas A-20 gun panel
Douglas A-20 Boston / Havoc rear gun stowage panel

rare find


Douglas A-20G nose wheel
Douglas A-20G Havoc nose wheel

Recovered from WWII airfield, good static or pattern

(SOLD) P-51 Mustang rear fuel gauge
P-51 Mustang rear fuel gauge & float

Good condition

RARE P-51 IFF destruction box
Self destruction box from a P-51 mustang, extremely rare, these were either destroyed or removed from aircraft long before they fell into enemy or civilian hands.

Suit iff / radio collectors

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