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(SOLD) De Havilland Mosquito control column
Original WW2 RAAF De Havilland Mosquito control column

likely from a FB model, good usable condition, no corrosion or damage

No yoke suit fighter or bomber yoke

Douglas A-20 gun panel
Douglas A-20 Boston / Havoc rear gun stowage panel

rare find


Douglas A-20G nose wheel
Douglas A-20G Havoc nose wheel

Recovered from WWII airfield, good static or pattern

(SOLD) P-51 Mustang rear fuel gauge
P-51 Mustang rear fuel gauge & float

Good condition

RARE P-51 IFF destruction box
Self destruction box from a P-51 mustang, extremely rare, these were either destroyed or removed from aircraft long before they fell into enemy or civilian hands.

Suit iff / radio collectors

(SOLD) P-51 mustang drop tanks
North American P-51D mustang drop tanks

Minor dents and scratches, steel type.

Two available, $1500/ea

Contact us for a shipping quote
(SOLD) Rare B-17E bull turret ammo box
This is a very rare very early ball turret internal double feed 50 caliber ammunition magazine from a sperry ball turret fitted to a very early B-17E.

The Boeing B-17C/D and the first fifty B-17E models retained the lower "bath tub" style gunnery position until it was decided to replace it with a bull turret, this ammunition box is from the first type of those ball turrets and was only used for a short period of time in the pacific until the army decided it was better to mount two separate ammo boxes on the turret gimbal inside of the aircraft instead of inside of the turret.

This was recovered from a bomber that crash landed in the pacific and has some damage, though being stainless material it is repairable.

$1500, worldwide shipping available.
Rare B-17 bull turret ammo box
(SOLD) B-24 liberator main wheels
B-24 liberator main wheels, one of the tires has had it the wheels are suitable for display.


these are very large items but can be shipped world wide via sea freight.
(SOLD) B-24 main u/c legs
B-24 Liberator main undercarriage legs, decent condition could be restored for use worldwide shipping, $3000 ono
(SOLD) A6M Zero parts
Japanese A6M3 Zero / Hamp wing leading edge and one side of the stainless steel canopy, good condition


Worldwide shipping available
(SOLD) B-25 Mitchell nose gear leg
North American B-25 Mitchell nose gear leg

Still attached to part of the plane

Good for static or parts

Vultee Vengeance rudder pedal
Relic recovered from where the plane crashed in the south west pacific, operated by the RAAF.


R-2800 Dynafocal Engine Vibration absorbers (SOLD)
R-2800 Dynafocal Engine Vibration absorbers

P/N MR-36-2B, 6 available, NOS, suit R2800, F6F, F4U, A-26, F7F, F8F, P-47 etc

Douglas A-20 Havoc hand pump lever
Douglas A-20 Havoc hand pump lever

Douglas A-20 Havoc access latch
Douglas A-20 Havoc access latch

Douglas A-20 Havoc intake cowl assy
Douglas A-20 Havoc intake cowling assembly

Douglas A-20 Havoc cowling panels
Douglas A-20 Havoc engine cowling panels

(SOLD) Japanese 7.7mm ammo chute
Japanese 7.7mm ammo chute looks to be Mitsubishi made.

possibly fits A6M Zero

(sold) CAC Wirraway or boomerang push rods
CAC Wirraway or boomerang push rods

new old stock, still has preservative on ends, P/N H233-21-0

(SOLD) P-47D 'razorback' thunderbolt
P-47D razorback parts/project that consist of:
Firewall, engine mount, windscreen, some wing attach fittings/carry through spar.
The mount on this would be usable with only minor surface rust on it.
It has 10 or so bombing missions still visible on it and its a veteran of the south pacific.
large/heavy item, contact us for shipping

Pacific war veteran
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