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Vultee A-35 Vengence engine mount
Vultee A-35 Vengence engine mount very good condition, ex-raaf, could be made airworthy heavy! contact for shipping
Douglas A-20G wing bomb rack
Douglas A-20G havoc / boston outer wing bomb rack very rare item $625
Stainless steel oxygen tanks
Stainless steel oxygen tanks as used in WW2 bombers and fighters, much higher quality that alloy tanks Contact us for shipping
Consolidated PBY Catalina floats (pby)
Catalina patrol bomber tip floats in good condition with attach fittings, large items, contact us for shipping
Rare A-20H gun nose
Rare A-20H gun nose, s/n 44-444, combat vet that fought in the invasion of the Philippines. own a piece of history, $3250
Packard merlin engine harnesses
Packard merlin engine harnesses, came off RAAF P-51D mustangs 4 available, left/right available, $850 per side
North American T6-G oil tank
North American T6G oil tank, good condition, covered in oil and dirty but solid, part number 77-47002 $400
Lockheed hudson/ventura fin
Lockheed hudson/ventura fin, will polish up well for a display piece.

$650 US
B-24 liberator nose gear guard
B-24 liberator nose gear mud guard


We also have B-24 main gear legs and wheels available.
P-47D thunderbolt ammo chutes
Stainless ammunition chutes for P-47D thunderbolt 'razorback'

P-47D thunderbolt jettison bars
Stainless canopy jettison bars for a P-47D razorback

WW2 bomber radio
WWII bomber radio receiver as used on B-17, B-25 etc

C-47 cowling section
new old stock C-47 cowling panel

Early P-47 razorback rack
Early P-47D razorback drop tank, bomb rack and belly crash rail, rare part.

Hamilton Standard propellor counterweights
new old stock

P/N's 24-44012, 296629, suit Winjeel

Gloster Meteor flap indicator
NOS from RAAF Meteor F8

P-51D mustang prop blades
P-51D mustang prop blades for display only.

The blades can be straightened and polished or painted, however they cannot be straightened for flight due to corrosion.

DAP Beaufighter / Beaufort tail strut
DAP Beaufighter / Beaufort tail strut

Original Australian made second world war unit, made by national motor springs.


Douglas C-47 DC-3 induction trunk
Douglas C-47 / DC-3 Dakota induction trunk, new old stock


Worldwide shipping is available
(SOLD) Grumman / Emerson 150-SE-1 turret to suit avenger
Grumman / Emerson 150-SE-1 turret from a TBF / TBM avenger, single 50, electrically operated, did sustain some damage due to the Japanese getting a bit upset but is a good basis for a restoration project.Very rare $2000 ono
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