P-38 lightning

Original P-38 lightning parts
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P-38 Lightning mid boom nacelle kits (pr)
P-38 Lightning mid boom nacelle kits (not assembled)

Newly made, one set left only.

Includes CAD drawings, skins, longerons etc:

with all certs, heat treatment, machining, material.


P-38 Lightning lower rudders airworthy
Lockheed P-38 Lightning lower rudders now in production.

These are available as complete, airworthy, bolt on assemblies including led counterweights.

In production now for a limited time, they are provided with a full set of certifications (heat treatment, material, machining etc).

$13,500/pr, $6000 deposit down with delivery in 12 weeks.

Orders are available for a short time only.

(SOLD) Lockheed P-38 turbo-supercharger shrouds
Lockheed P-38 Lightning turbo-supercharger shrouds

Original stainless steel

Where else can you get them?

3 available, $750/ea

(SOLD) Lockheed P-38 Cannon mount/shroud
Lockheed P-38 Cannon mount/shroud for hispano 20mm cannon

Last one available $650
USN or USAAF recon camera controller
Control panel for a WW2 aircraft recon camera, possibly lockheed F-4 or F-5

(SOLD) Lockheed P-38 lightning nose gear
Lockheed P-38 lightning nose landing gear fork/axle, fairly good condition, could be restored for flight

world wide shipping available

(SOLD) P-38 lightning MLG
P-38 lightning main landing gear leg, lower oleo missing, relic/static condition.

(SOLD) P-38 lightning exhaust system
P-38 lightning exhaust system, new old stock $3750
(SOLD) P-38 lightning engine mount
Lockheed P-38 lightning engine mount. $2050 US
(SOLD) P-38 lightning main wheel
Lockheed P-38 lightning fighter main wheels good condition, very little corrosion, could be returned to flight.

$5000 US

World wide shipping available
good condition
(SOLD) P-38 lightning pump inlet elbow
Lockheed P-38 lightning coolant pump inlet elbow

P/N 224321-L

(SOLD) P-38 lightning ammo box rails
.50 cal ammunition box sliding rails for holding the right side ammo box in place in the P-38 nose

stainless steel

p/n 246708-2R

(SOLD) P-38L stainless pilots seat
Stainless steel pilots seat from a war used Lockheed P-38J or L fighter.

The seat is a bit bent but can be straightened.

Very rare seat $1500
(SOLD) P-38 lightning propeller hub & 3 blades
Curtiss electric propeller hub with two blades from a Lockheed P-38 combat veteran battlefield recovered, R/H engine, L/H turning, it might be possible to salvage the forged hub, not a crashed prop.

The blades are only good for display. they could be touched up and polished, the blades are straight but have corrosion.

$3500 for 3 blades & hub


$1000 per blade & $500 hub

Worldwide shipping is available, contact us for a quote.
(SOLD) Early P-38 pilot seat and armor
Early P-38E or F / G pilot seat and armor

Rare seat from a real combat aircraft, Pattern condition

(SOLD) P-38 lightning landing gear lights
Lockheed P-38K & P-38J landing gear indicator panel

Very rare
Schrader oxygen valves
Schrader oxygen valves as used by most WW2 aircraft, unused new old stock $2.50/ea
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