Supermarine Spitfire

Supermarine spitfire parts
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(SOLD) Resistance bulbs
Resistance new old stock $40/ea
(SOLD) Spitfire teleflex cable
New old stock spitfire teleflex cable new in box (just opened) ten foot long.

(SOLD) Spitfire teleflex controls
Two spitfire teleflex units, incomplete, one new handle.

As used on throttle quadrant, external fuel tank jettison assembly flap control.

They appear to be NOS.

(SOLD) Early MK1 to MK V Spitfire wheel
Early MK 1 to MK V Supermarine Spitfire main wheel with bearing and brake liner.

Dirty but in solid condition, it is not powdery like most you find these days.

Can be made serviceable.

AH 2061

(SOLD) Supermarine Spitfire de icing pump
Very rare Spitfire de icing pump in good condition.

Very hard to come by


Spitfire oxygen regulator
Air ministry MK XIA, 1943 on, suit spitfire MK 9 plus

(SOLD) Spitfire Artificial Horizon
Mk 1b Artificial Horizon

Air ministry 6A/1498

Good condition $125
(SOLD) NOS Spitfire brake relay valve
Supermarine Spitfire brake relay valve, new old stock.

Dunlop made AH 519

Later revision (VIII, IX) but should be compatible with earlier models, same bolt up, main casting etc

The brake trigger located on the control stick (and connected to the valve by Bowden cable) opens the
brake relay valve. Depending on the pressure applied to the trigger, the valve regulates the airflow to
the brakes. The brake differential allows for regulation of the pressure in the brakes depending on
pedal deflection.

Mounted to the fuselage floor forward of the control column.

Very rare part, the last one we saw was over twenty years ago.

(SOLD) Spitfire / Hurricane tacho
Supermarine Spitfire / Hawker Hurricane tachometer

likely from raaf mk v spitfire

0 - 5000 rpm

suit overhaul

Spitfire brake boosters (one left)
Supermarine spitfire brake boosters, 3 to choose from LAST ONE

$250 each....
(SOLD) Spitfire Hurricane Oil Temperature Gauge
Spitfire Hurricane Oil Temperature Gauge

Air ministry 6A/157, new old stock

(SOLD) Spitfire type "W" suppressor
Rare Type "W" Suppressor

(sold) Spitfire hydraulic filter
EX RAAF supermarine spitfire hydraulic filter

MK1 spitfire temperature gauge
MK1 spitfire radiator temperature gauge


EX-RAAF stock as fitted to MK Vc Spitfire, glass loose, otherwise good condition

(SOLD) Rare 5 spoke spitfire wheels
Rare 5 spoke Spitfire main landing wheels

The magnesium is in good condition.

(SOLD) Spitfire top fuselage skin
Skin from the top fuselage of a spitfire behind the canopy.

Looks like Mk IX but i have been told that it could be for a low back type.

Great pattern

(SOLD) Spitfire MK VIII & IX main landing gear
Spitfire MK VIII & IX main landing gear as pictured

many individual components look to be in good condition such as the main castings torque lugs and links, oleo etc and are potentially airworthy subject to inspection.

one lower axle casting has been scraped through.

sold as is, buyer to determine airworthiness of components.

Worldwide shipping is available

These are becoming as rare as hens teeth

Spitfire vacuum switch
Spitfire vacuum switch/pnumatic cock

p/n bsp 1180790

Spitfire relief valves
Spitfire relief valves $200 for both
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