P-40 Warhawk

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Curtiss P-40 elevator bellcrank covers
Curtiss P-40 elevator bellcrank covers for frame 5

Set of 4 (two halves per side), includes sprung C clips and other hardware.

Part number 87-64-565

Made new to Curtiss spec

Don't risk your life or you aircraft without these


(SOLD) Curtiss P-40 fuselage frames
Curtiss P-40 warhawk fuselage frames

Frames 6, 7, 8, 9, 13 & 14

raw pressed, heat treated, from a P-40E project

will need hand finishing

P-40 canopy latch springs TO 01-25C-177

Curtiss P-40 canopy latch springs as per service bulletin TO 01-25C-177

$80 USD per pair of springs including AN502-10-6 screws

P-40 warhawk canopy seal
New P-40 warhawk rear canopy seals molded from neoprene sponge to fit between the rear clear view canopy and the sliding canopy for an airtight seal.

made to original specifications, curtiss part number 87-21-512.

limited run, $75 each until sold out.

(SOLD) Curtiss P-40 chin cowl casting
New made airworthy P-40 Warhawk chin cowl casting

correct dimensions

(SOLD) P-40E warhawk instrument panel
P-40E warhawk / kittyhawk instrument panel

made new to spec

Curtiss P-40 gun sight bases
Curtiss P-40 gun sight bases

Suit N-5 gunsight

newly made to spec from original magnesium

dichromatic treatment

$650/ea or $750 primed
Curtiss P-40 emergency hydraulic tank
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk / Kittyhawk auxiliary emergency hydraulic tank.


Curtiss P-40 wing truss
P-40 Warhawk / Kittyhawk wing truss.

4 pieces per set, new.

P-40N gun sight bases (sold out)
P40N gun site bases, newly made exactly as the original

Made from original magnesium not alloy, dichromatic treatment.

Contact us for shipping
(SOLD) P-40 warhawk frame #13
P-40 warhawk frame #13, new, heat treated
P-40 instrument panel rods

Brass instrument panel support rods, suitable for Curtiss P-40E and N models.

Newly made to spec using originals as patterns and engineering drawings.

One pair (2) of rods and parts including the aluminium pins, and hardware.

Can be supplied coated non reflective black as per originals or can supply them bare.

14 pieces NOT including the lock nuts and screws, per set.


P-40 kittyhawk / Warhawk rudder pedals (SOLD)
Curtis P-40 rudder pedals newly made $550/pr
(SOLD) P-40 Warhawk gun port castings
P-40 Warhawk gun port castings, new made, will need minor fitment work
Curtiss P-40 parking brake placard
Curtiss P-40 parking brake placard, aluminum, $25, Brass defrost placard $50
Curtiss P-40 placards
Aluminum with raised lettering, hydraulic tube placard $95. Aluminum flap and U/C warning placard $85
Curtiss electric prop placard
Curtiss electric propeller placards, $35 each
P-40 hydraulic tank placard
Curtiss P-40 hydraulic tank fill instructions placard, Aluminum, updated to modern spec Mil 5606
Engine primer placard
Engine primer placard, suit most warbirds, new
P-40 Front Armour plate support brackets
P-40 Warhawk Front Armour plate support brackets, p/n 87-21-516L & -R, new made from 2024 T6
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