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(SOLD) NOS Spitfire brake relay valve
Supermarine Spitfire brake relay valve, new old stock.

Dunlop made AH 519

Later revision (VIII, IX) but should be compatible with earlier models, same bolt up, main casting etc

The brake trigger located on the control stick (and connected to the valve by Bowden cable) opens the
brake relay valve. Depending on the pressure applied to the trigger, the valve regulates the airflow to
the brakes. The brake differential allows for regulation of the pressure in the brakes depending on
pedal deflection.

Mounted to the fuselage floor forward of the control column.

Very rare part, the last one we saw was over twenty years ago.

(SOLD) Spitfire, Hurricane etc VSI
RAF Air ministry 6A/942 VSI

Used on Spitfire, Hurricane & other RAF / Commonwealth types during WW2

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