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(SOLD) P&W R-1830 engine
Pratt & Whitney R1830-92 1200hp twin wasp engine.

missing logbook but has been inspected by an engine shop and found to be in good condition.

EX-SAAF DC-3 /C-47, likely removed when they converted to turboprops.

The nose case has been removed and the reduction gear and front case bearings were found to be in good condition with no signs of damage and no metal found.

It has had cylinders 7 and 8 removed to inspect the master rod bearings, no damage to either front or rear master rod bearing could be seen, and no metal was found, the master rods had a light coating of baked on oil, which indicated that the engine is low time.

The center crankcase is the heavy duty version, typical of the gold engines from South Africa, all cylinders appear to be standard bore.

The rear case was removed to inspect the rear supercharger bearing which is the one most likely to fail, the bearing was intact, and no metal was found.


World wide shipping available

(SOLD) Continental R975-EC2 tank radial engine
Continental R975-EC2 Radial engine, overhauled and rebuilt bottom end.

Just requires top end assembled which is supplied with engine.

Comes with Magneto’s, Carby, Starter, induction.

email for more info/photos

This engine was used on M3 Lee, M4 Sherman M7 Priest, M18 Hellcat tanks, Kangaroo APCs etc it is the vehicle adaption of the Wright Whirlwind aircraft engine.

$7500, worldwide shipping available
rebuilt bottom end
Guiberson diesel radial tank engine (Guiberson T1020)
Guiberson diesel radial tank engine as used in various WW2 tanks and landing craft, the engine is in good condition and comes on an engine stand but has not been run. Contact us for a shipping quote.
Cutaway stromberg carburettor
Bendix Stromberg cut away carb

great display or training tool

Suits R-975 / R-985 maybe others

Hamilton standard governor 4G8G49M
Hamilton Standard constant speed control
model 4G8G49M
good original condition
Suit A-26, R-2800 etc
P&W R-985 crankshaft
Unknown history, no visual damage

Comes on stand

R985, R1340 Magneto, cutaway museum quality display
Pratt Whitney R985, R1340 Radial Magneto, cutaway museum quality display

Suit museum, trade school etc

very good condition, $550 US
P&W R-985 cutaway display engine
This is a Pratt & Whitney R-985 aircraft cutaway display engine, ideal for a museum or mechanical/trade school.

It is designed to run off a small electric motor that has been placed inside the engine starter motor to slowly rotate the engine.

It is currently running on Australian 240v mains but can be converted to run anywhere fairly easily.

First run in 1929 this engine was used on many pre war and post war aircraft.


World wide shipping is available.

R-2800 Dynafocal Engine Vibration absorbers (SOLD)
R-2800 Dynafocal Engine Vibration absorbers

P/N MR-36-2B, 6 available, NOS, suit R2800, F6F, F4U, A-26, F7F, F8F, P-47 etc

CAC built R-1340 engine sump (SOLD)
CAC built R-1340 engine part $275
Vultee A-35 Vengence engine mount
Vultee A-35 Vengence engine mount very good condition, ex-raaf, could be made airworthy heavy! contact for shipping
Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah
Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah engine/parts

This is an incomplete Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah engine that was used on an RAAF Avro Anson, it has no cracnk or push rods, but it has mags, case, cyclinders, heads, one new old stock cylinder and various other small parts.

Great for a static display or even add your own parts and rebuild it.


Will ship worldwide
CAC Winjeel oil cooler
Ex RAAF CAC Winjeel oil cooler

Looks serviceable, with mount
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