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P-38 Lightning exhaust set (very last set)
P-38 lightning exhaust set, excellent condition

NOS primary stacks used final stacks.

$3250 US
R-1830 constant speed unit
P&W R-1830 CSU, for 1830-92, in excellent condition with paperwork.

(SOLD) WW2 Japanese aircraft tool box

This is a rare find, a Japanese WW2 mechanics tool box for working on the Nakajima Homare Engine

This engine was developed from the A6M Zero engine, the Sakae and was used to power:

As far as can be ascertained this tool box and its contents belonged to a mechanic serving in the Imperial Japanese Navy and was taken shortly after the war as loot by a Captain Eugene A Changnon. Changnon of Tinley Park, Illinois, was a 1935 graduate of the University of Chicago Medical School. He served as an Army medical captain in the Pacific area during World War II.

The chest comes with its remaining tools and export certificate issued by the US Army in 1945.


(SOLD) Running Mk8 Rolls Royce derwent turbojet
Just run August 2022

Rolls Royce Derwent Mark 8 TurboJet Engine, ex RAAF Gloster Meteor, also used on the Fairey Delta, Avro 707 etc, complete with tail extension pipe, stainless fuel tank, on original transport stand with instrument panel and wheels, last run august 2022.

It requires two 12v batteries in a back to back 24v configuration to start.

RR Derwent engine manual included.

It has no time logs but could be used in an aircraft 'on condition subject to lame/ap inspection, bearings are perfect, likely overhauled before leaving the RAAF.

Very Rare in this condition.

$13,500 USD.
DeHavilland Tiger Moth engine
DeHavilland Tiger Moth Gipsy I engine

apparently inhibited and looks to be in good condition but without logs.

located in Perth, western Australia.

Note: this engine is not in warbird.parts stock, this engine is owned by a third party and they can be contacted directly on +61 488 484 145 (Austin) or austinhulls (remove this) @ (remove this) outlook.com

asking $10,000 AUD
P-47 Thunderbolt engine mount
P-47 Thunderbolt R-2800 engine mount
reasonable condition for age
very large item
(SOLD) P-38 lightning engine mount
Lockheed P-38 lightning engine mount. $2050 US
Engine run test trailer
Engine run test trailer, towable, fair condition, has fuel tank, some instruments and controls

$550 USD
Douglas DC-3 / C-47 dishpan
Douglas DC-3 / C-47 engine dishpan

fairly good condition

Cutaway CSU & Vacuum pump
Cutaway H/S constant speed unit and vacuum pump

great for a museum or trade school

(SOLD) Mitsubishi F1M 'pete cowling panel
This is a rare and well preserved Mitsubishi F1M cowling / engine access panel which still displays the aircraft serial number from the Japanese navy air service of WWII.

World wide shipping is available.

GE R-2800 magnetos
General electric Magneto's for Pratt and Whitney R2800 off an A-26 bomber
Goblin jet engine part Lucas type GB 202 4C
Goblin jet engine part Lucas type GB 202 4C

Good condition

Goblin jet engine part 215-6E
Goblin jet engine part new old stock

Joseph Lucas LTD Birmingham p/n 215-6E
Goblin jet engine gearbox part
Goblin jet engine gearbox part, new old stock

p/n Rotol 501/20

Avco lycoming TIO-540 training engine
I believe this is an Avco lycoming TIO-540 engine, it came out of a training facility in the 1990's and was used to train aircraft engine mechanics, some pipes and a cylinder have been cut for demonstration purposes, the turbo is complete, the condition of the engine is unknown but would most likely make a good source of parts for an experimental application or could even possibly be rebuilt.

Worldwide shipping available, $2150
Allison V1710 & other starter
Eclipse starter motor, type 915, model 4
24 Volts, good condition, fits numerous aircraft

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