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(SOLD) Running Mk8 Rolls Royce derwent turbojet
Just run August 2022

Rolls Royce Derwent Mark 8 TurboJet Engine, ex RAAF Gloster Meteor, also used on the Fairey Delta, Avro 707 etc, complete with tail extension pipe, stainless fuel tank, on original transport stand with instrument panel and wheels, last run august 2022.

It requires two 12v batteries in a back to back 24v configuration to start.

RR Derwent engine manual included.

It has no time logs but could be used in an aircraft 'on condition subject to lame/ap inspection, bearings are perfect, likely overhauled before leaving the RAAF.

Very Rare in this condition.

$13,500 USD.
Very rare WW1 RFC aerial bomb
This is a WW1 Royal flying corps / Australian flying corps 112 Lb bomb.

It was brought back from Europe at the end of hostilities in 1919 and sectioned and displayed at the Australian war museum.

It was filed with plaster and painted on the inside, this paint has now faded away.

Made by the English Royal Laboratory in 1917-1918, it is over 100 years old and would make a fantastic display piece.

Used by the Handly page V/1500, Beardmore bombers, DH.9 bombers, FE.2b etc

World wide shipping is available.

$1250 US

Rare Japanese airforce jeep badge
Hens teeth front badge from a Japanese army air force Kurogane Type 95 car, the Japanese equivalent of the American Willy's jeep.

Fewer than 4800 of these cars were made between 1936 and 1944, used by the Japanese army, navy and air force and only 4 are known to still exist.

This came from a car captured at an airfield in Papua new guinea in WW2. the car was used to ferry pilots to their aircraft.

Made of pressed steel, silver soldered, it has been primed to prevent deterioration. very good condition and exceptionally rare.


M3 WW2 tank drive shafts
WW2 M3 Lee / Grant tank final gear drive shafts

New old stock, still in original grease paper wrapping


(SOLD) P-38 lightning exhaust system
P-38 lightning exhaust system, new old stock $3750
(SOLD) CAC wirraway push rods
CAC wirraway pushrods x 2


the longer one is almost a meter long
(SOLD) WW1 RAF pitot tube
Pitot tube used on WW1 and other early war RAF / Commonwealth aircraft.

New old stock


Willy's Jeep tires
Brand new 5 x Willy's Jeep tires and inner tubes

WW2 military keep highway tires, Hummer Grandtour, 6.50-16, shelf storage for 10 years

$500/set of 5
Japanese army air force gun camera
IJA Type 1 Target Camera

This camera sits in the wing root of Japanese fighter aircraft such as the KI-43 and A6M2/3 to record any kills the pilot achieves.

Rare piece in very good condition.

CAC CA-11 woomera trim
Rare CA-11 Woomera trim wheel, the woomera crashed and never reached mass production before the wars end.

CAC Winjeel oil pres
CAC Winjeel oil pressure gauge new old stock $150
Stainless steel oxygen tanks
Stainless steel oxygen tanks as used in WW2 bombers and fighters, much higher quality that alloy tanks Contact us for shipping
Consolidated PBY Catalina floats (pby)
Catalina patrol bomber tip floats in good condition with attach fittings, large items, contact us for shipping
Packard merlin engine harnesses
Packard merlin engine harnesses, came off RAAF P-51D mustangs 4 available, left/right available, $850 per side
North American T6-G oil tank
North American T6G oil tank, good condition, covered in oil and dirty but solid, part number 77-47002 $400
Japanese type 93 torpedo
Japanese type 93 'long lance' torpedo used by the imperial Japanese navy front section only, the torpedo failed to detonate in the south pacific and was captured with the explosives being removed by the us navy. will ship worldwide.
Japanese type 93 torpedo
Curtiss P-40 patents placard (P-40)
Curtiss P-40 patents placard - NEW
C-46 commando cowling
Curtis C-46 commando cowling recovered from an old air field in the south west pacific.

World wide shipping available

Lockheed hudson/ventura fin
Lockheed hudson/ventura fin, will polish up well for a display piece.

$650 US
Early P-47 razorback rack
Early P-47D razorback drop tank, bomb rack and belly crash rail, rare part.

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