Bomber gun turrets

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50 cal aircraft ammo box
50 cal aircraft ammo box recovered from US army air force dump after WW2, has a feeder motor in it so likely from a turret, B-17, B-24 etc

suit restoration

Aircraft ammo chute
WW2 Aircraft ammo chute, unknown type

Martin 250CE ammo booster
Ammunition feed booster as used on the Martin 250CE upper turret

24V, used on canadian Lancaster bombers, American B-26 Marauders, B-24 Liberators, PB4Y's and A-20 Havocs

CAC Wirraway rear gun post
Hydraulic rear gun post for the Wirraways .30 cal machine gun
rare item


(SOLD) E11 E13 bomber gun mounts
WW2 type E-11, E-13 etc gun mounts used for waist gunners on American bombers.

Some good castings and parts, use as relic or patterns

B-17 & other ammo cans
30 round, 50 caliber ammunition cans used mainly on early B-17s, B-24s and others before the advent of flexible chutes

used up to B-17F-1 in the waist gunners position.

3 cans available, complete $100/ea or $240 for 3.

(SOLD) A-26 invader turret control box
Douglas A-26 Invader turret control box, used on A-26B/C, rare item as most existing aircraft were civil conversions


(SOLD) B-17 / B-24 waist gun mount
50 cal waist gunner mount/carriage

Rusted but full of good fittings

(SOLD) B-17 / B-24 WW2 bomber gunner mounts
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress / Consolidated B-24 Liberator WW2 bomber gunner mounts

$650 as pictured
(SOLD) Type E-11 gun mount (B-17)
Type E-11 gun mount/adapter as used on boeing B-17 nose and tail gunner positions

it has surface rust but is in reasonable condition

(SOLD) Extra long bomber gun feed belt
As used on B-17, B-24, B-25 and other WW2 USAAF bomber aircraft
Douglas SBD dive bomber rear gun mount
GM model 19 twin .30 cal gun mount

Used on Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bombers in WW2 by the US navy, US Marines & the USAAF as the Douglas A-24

Possibly used on other types as well

Extremely rare piece of history, recovered from the pacific where it was used against the Japanese.


Will ship world wide
WW2 bomber gun feed belt
WW2 bomber gun feed belt as used on B-17, B-24, B-25, A-20 and other USAAF WW2 bombers
WW2 bomber small gun belt
Small gun feed belt as used on B-24, B-25, B-17 and other USAAF WW2 bomber aircraft
Douglas A-20 gun panel
Douglas A-20 Boston / Havoc rear gun stowage panel

rare find


Sperry B4 control unit
Likely out of a WW2 bomber turret

Control unit, type B4

Order W535 AC 22713

Mfrs number 644887

s/n 42-77029
(SOLD) B-17 waist gun mount
Early .50 cal B-17 waist gun mount as used in the pacific war against Japan.

battlefield recovery.

(SOLD) B-17 bomber waist gun belt assy
Very rare B-17 bomber waist gunner belt assembly

fair condition, rare find


Emerson B-24 turret casting
Emerson B-24 50 cal gun turret and pivot point casting

solid condition

Avro / GAF Lincoln turret top
NOS Briston B.17 turret top from an RAAF GAF/DAP Lincoln bomber the successor to the lancaster.

Also fitted to the Short S45 Seaford

Suits .303 machine guns or Hispano cannons

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