Bomber gun turrets

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(SOLD) Avro Lancaster rear turret control & parts (lancaster)
Nash & Thompson FN20 rear gun turret control & various hydraulic pieces apparently also fits FN120, FN121 and some parts may fit FN4, FN82

As used on the four-gun tail turret on Avro Lancaster, Vickers Wellington, Short Stirling and Armstrong Whitworth Whitley WW2 RAF Bombers.

Very rare piece, World wide shipping is available.

(SOLD) Rare B-17E bull turret ammo box
This is a very rare very early ball turret internal double feed 50 caliber ammunition magazine from a sperry ball turret fitted to a very early B-17E.

The Boeing B-17C/D and the first fifty B-17E models retained the lower "bath tub" style gunnery position until it was decided to replace it with a bull turret, this ammunition box is from the first type of those ball turrets and was only used for a short period of time in the pacific until the army decided it was better to mount two separate ammo boxes on the turret gimbal inside of the aircraft instead of inside of the turret.

This was recovered from a bomber that crash landed in the pacific and has some damage, though being stainless material it is repairable.

$1500, worldwide shipping available.
Rare B-17 bull turret ammo box
Southern aircraft corp / Emerson turret parts
Turret parts to suit B-24 Southern aircraft corporation / Emerson turrets

The sheet metal may be destroyed yet they are full of many unobtainable fittings needed for restorations.

(SOLD) B-25 turret cupola
North American B-25 Mitchell turret cupola

Some corrosion, weldable

(SOLD) B-17 ball turret parts
Boeing B-17 flying fortress ball turret parts

Parts lot, good to fair condition, azimuth gears, gun mounts, castings, etc

Everything pictured.

$1750 US
Emerson turret base (SOLD)
Believed to be an Emerson gun turret base

Bendix A-9 turret chute
Bendix A-9, A-9A, A-9B gun turret chute

Stainless, good condition
Assy No 80920 C26

Used on B-25 A-20, B-26, B-17

(SOLD) Grumman / Emerson 150-SE-1 turret to suit avenger
Grumman / Emerson 150-SE-1 turret from a TBF / TBM avenger, single 50, electrically operated, did sustain some damage due to the Japanese getting a bit upset but is a good basis for a restoration project.Very rare $2000 ono
(sold) twin .50 cal B-17 gun mounts
two (2) sets of twin .50 cal B-17 gun mounts, these consist of four .50 cal mounts bolted together in pairs used by the usaaf for more defensive firepower also sometimes used on PT boats when they were salvaged from damaged aircraft. $1500 for 2 x twin mounts & 1 x barrel supports. Worldwide shipping available.
Boeing B-17 ball turrets (SOLD)

These parts consist of the remains of three Boeing B-17 ball turrets which came from combat veteran aircraft that fought the Japanese in the pacific theater in 1942-43.

The parts do have damage but the material is weldable and at least two repaired turrets could be produced from these parts, Not all parts are pictured as there is large inventory.

This is an extremely rare collection of parts that will probably never be seen again.

Worldwide sea freight is available.
Price: $30,000.
multiple ball turrets
B-25D combat veteran nose section (SOLD)
B-25D combat veteran nose section, 41-30188, "big time operator". This aircraft has 26 bombing missions and 3 Japanese aircraft shot down in the south pacific, it is a fairly complete nose section, cut aft of the cockpit roll over by the US Army, it has the control columns, rudder pedals, walkway, instrument panel etc, most parts are present. the nose green house framework is present but not pictured. It was assigned to 498th BS , 345th BG as LITTLE NEL where it saw combat and obtained 3 Jap fighters . It was involved in 26 bombing and weather missions . It was involved in an accident and repaired . It eventually ended up assigned to the 27th Air Depot Group with artwork Big Time Operator. Used as a Fatcat with fresh food and Alcohol as well as fly personal between New Guinea and Australia This aircraft has significant historical value and would make a fairly easy museum restoration piece. this aircrafts turret can also be made available. $25k ono, can be shipped worldwide in a 20' container.
B-24 liberator turrets (SOLD)
Two B-24 bomber turrets, one is fairly complete internally but missing outer skins, the other is a good outer shell but is stripped internally, make a good one from the pair, can ship worldwide
Martin 250 upper turrets (SOLD)
As shown, incomplete, suit A-20, B-17 etc $3000 each
Bendix A-9N turret (SOLD)
Bendix A-9N turret possibly from a B-25J, bendix A-9N, no cupola. contact for shipping
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