Douglas A-20 Havoc

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Douglas A-20 havoc main gear door
Douglas A-20 Havoc attack bomber main landing gear door

pacific recovery, damage and corrosion on the door, good hinge castings

large item

(SOLD) A-20G boston / havoc control column
This pilots control column came from a Douglass A-20G that fought against the Japanese in New Guinea and the Pacific islands during WW2, it can be blasted treated and re coated with rubber by any steering wheel restoration shop to look pristine again. World wide shipping is available, $1250 US / obo
Douglas A-20G nose wheel
Douglas A-20G Havoc nose wheel

Recovered from WWII airfield, good static or pattern

Douglas A-20G wing bomb rack
Douglas A-20G havoc / boston outer wing bomb rack very rare item $625
Douglas A-20G engine firewall
Douglas A-20G havoc engine firewall

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