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Fairey battle undercarriage lights
Fairey battle instrument panel undercarriage lights.


(hold) Spitfire brake pressure
Spitfire brake pressure gauge new old stock in original box

Mark 1 6A/747, 220/130lb

(SOLD) DeHavilland Tiger moth parts
De Havilland Tiger moth parts

Venturi $150
P8 Compass holders $150/ea

Spitfire oil pressure gauge
Spitfire oil pressure gauge

Air ministry 6A/568

complete with capillary

2 available, $350/ea
Avro Anson fuel gauge
Avro Anson fuel gauge, rare tail down gauge in good condition.


DeHavilland mosquito fuel gauges
DeHavilland mosquito fuel gauges

Left side can be used for parts or repair, Right side is in good condition

Spitfire MK VIII tacho
5000 rpm tacho, suit overhaul

CAC winjeel / Douglas C-47 ASI
ASI 0-260 knots, MacLeod manufactured

likely suit multiple types, winjeel, C-47 DC-3

RAF Hydraulic pressure (SOLD)
Hydraulic pressure instrument,0-20LB

good condition, P/N 6A/75?

DH Mosquito flap indicator (SOLD)
DH Mosquito flap indicator

Desynn 6A/2136

UK Manufacture for RAAF De Havilland Mosquito's

Fair condition $75
(SOLD) Air ministry fuel gauge
Air ministry fuel gauge

100 gallon, 6A/2651, good condition

WW2 Japanese army air force ASI
WW2 Japanese army air force ASI

Type 98 Air Speed Indicator

Used by various fighters and bombers including the Ki-43 Hayabusa, Ki-44, Ki-45,Ki-61, Ki-100, Ki-48, Ki-67, Ki-83, Ki-102

0 - 700km/h

(SOLD) MK1 spitfire temperature gauge
MK1 spitfire radiator temperature gauge


EX-RAAF stock as fitted to MK Vc Spitfire, glass loose, otherwise good condition

CAC winjeel temp gauge
CAC winjeel temp gauge, with paperwork, ex raaf stores, 1981 date

MK VIII spitfire temp gauge
Spitfire temperature gauge, MK VIIIH, made 1941

Likely used on both MK Vc and VIII RAAF spitfires
complete with capillary, in good condition

Sperry B4 control unit
Likely out of a WW2 bomber turret

Control unit, type B4

Order W535 AC 22713

Mfrs number 644887

s/n 42-77029
6A/3192 suction gauge
G6A/3192 suction gauge

0-10 inches of mercury

EX-RAAF suit several applications

Smiths oil pressure gauge
Smiths oil pressure gauge EX-RAAF

0-40 psi

good condition

MK IIb RPM guage
Air ministry MK IIb rev counter

Suit Avro Anson, Airspeed Oxford, HP Hampden and other RAF / Commonwealth twin engine aircraft.

(SOLD) P-51 Mustang rear fuel gauge
P-51 Mustang rear fuel gauge & float

Good condition

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