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(SOLD) Spitfire Artificial Horizon
Mk 1b Artificial Horizon

Air ministry 6A/1498

Good condition $125
P-51 Mustang rear fuel gauge
P-51 Mustang rear fuel gauge & float

Good condition

Bendix asi
Pioneer Bendix 400 mph air speed indicator

very clean but suit o/h

p/n 1420-14B-A2

(SOLD) Spitfire / Hurricane tacho
Supermarine Spitfire / Hawker Hurricane tachometer

likely from raaf mk v spitfire

0 - 5000 rpm

suit overhaul

(SOLD) WW1 RFC fighter tachometer rev gauge
This is an extremely rare first world war royal flying corps mark V tachometer made by S Smith & Sons in London.

This 600 - 2600 RPM type gauge was fitted to several British & Commonwealth aircraft from late 1917 and lasted into the interwar period.

Going off the tacho cable mounting this particular gauge was likely fitted to a De Havilland DH.9A gifted from the RFC/RAF to the newly established Royal Australian Air Force.

However the gauge could also be fitted to other types including:

Bristol Bulldog IIa
Fairey III F/D
Bristol F.2 fighter
some variants of the DH.60 Moth
some Sopwith aircraft

among other types.


Bristol F.2B fighter

The "A" and the arrow on the rear casing called the 'Broad arrow' denotes it was issued from the Air Ministry to the Royal Flying Corps before 1919 when instruments then issued with a 6A/xxx number.

It is in remarkable unrestored condition for something that is approximately 105 years old and would most likely work as designed.

(SOLD) Spitfire Hurricane Oil Temperature Gauge
Spitfire Hurricane Oil Temperature Gauge

Air ministry 6A/157, new old stock

(SOLD) Japanese IJAAF vacuum gauge
Japanese WW2 IJAAF vacuum gauge

Suit KI-43 and KI-61 aircraft instrument panels

High quality reproduction

MK1 spitfire temperature gauge
MK1 spitfire radiator temperature gauge


EX-RAAF stock as fitted to MK Vc Spitfire, glass loose, otherwise good condition

CAC wirraway / boomerang mag switch
Original Australian made magneto switch

Good condition, suits CAC Wirraway, CAC Boomerang, made in sydney

(SOLD) Spitfire, Hurricane etc VSI
RAF Air ministry 6A/942 VSI

Used on Spitfire, Hurricane & other RAF / Commonwealth types during WW2

CAC Boomerang / Wirraway pitot tube
Early CAC Boomerang / Wirraway pitot tube

probably also used on other early commonwealth NA-16 derivatives.

New old stock

Manifold Pressure P-38, P-39, P-40, P-51
Manifold pressure instrument
Part number 6748-157
very good condition
suit P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51
Bendix model A8 T/S
Turn and Slip
Bendix type A8
good condition, $210
Aileron and Rudder trim indicator
Aileron and Rudder trim indicator, NOS

GE part number 8DJ66-GAE

Pioneer airspeed 60-250 knots
Pioneer airspeed 60-250 knots
type 1402-1T-C1, very good condition, $135
AM G-6A/778

Tacho instrument, Mk IV B, good condition

Suit Beaufighter, Mosquito DH98, Sunderland mkII

Spitfire turn & slip
Spitfire turn & slip, good condition

Compass type O2-B, Lancaster bomber
Compass type O2-B, Ref No 6A/890, as used on RAF Lancaster, Lincoln bombers Walrus sea planes

very good condition, in original transport case

Japanese Compass Mk1 Model 2
Japanese Compass Mk1 Model 2

As used in Sally Ki-21 and other Japanese bombers & transport aircraft

Good original condition

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