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(SOLD) Auto lite pressure gauge
Vintage Auto lite pressure gauge, 0-2000lbs

(SOLD) Pioneer altimeter
Pioneer altimeter

Type 1528-2E-A, Suit wirraway or similar

(SOLD) 0-10 suction gauge ww2
US Suction gauge, nos, p/n AW-1 7/8-21-Q

(SOLD) CAC Boomerang turn & slip
Turn and slip indicator model J153 as used on CAC Boomerang fighter and possibly others

rare $350
(SOLD) 35 gallon tank guage
0-35 gal, tail dragger, most likely hurricane

Rare air ministry altimeter (SOLD)
Rare altimeter, needs a rebuild

Air ministry type as used on Avro anson, Supermarine Seagull V, and Short Sunderland

Air ministry 3000rpm tacho (SOLD)
Air ministry 3000rpm tacho, suits Oxford, Anson, Seagull, DOM 1939

Suit parts/repair

0-430 knot Kollsman Airspeed Indicator

US Navy type used on early corsair and hellcat.

Fair condition, $50
Air ministry temp gauge (SOLD)
Air ministry temp gauge

0-120 C


Air ministry fuel gauge
Air ministry fuel gauge

100 gallon, 6A/2651, good condition

0-70C air temp gauge
0-70C air temp gauge

Very good condition

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