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Rare Curtiss P-40 hydraulic gun charger
Rare Curtiss P-40B/C/D/E hydraulic gun charger

Used on early war and pre-war P-40s to charge wing guns, fitted to the lower panel.

Early war B-25B Mitchell seat
This is an immaculate North American B-25B Mitchell pilot's bomber seat

Very rare early seat, later seats used wood.

Perfect condition for an 80+ year old seat.

world wide shipping is available.

$2200 USD

CAC Wirraway rear canopy
RAAF CAC Wirraway rear canopy, likely NOS

$500 US
Curtiss C-46 Commando throttle
Curtiss C-46 Commando throttle from a WW2 bomber that flew for the USAAF in Australia and the South Pacific

This throttle has been recovered and cosmetically restored, it has been repainted, straightened and the knobs on the end of the levers are made from wood.

Good display piece.

large item, world wide shipping is available.

Bristol Beaufighter undercarriage indicators
Original undercarriage indicators from an RAAF DAP/Bristol beaufighter.

Made by the Bristol aircraft company in the UK

Original as removed condition.

Complete and correct set

P-40 warhawk canopy seal
New P-40 warhawk rear canopy seals molded from neoprene sponge to fit between the rear clear view canopy and the sliding canopy for an airtight seal.

made to original specifications, curtiss part number 87-21-512.

limited run, $75 each until sold out.

(SOLD) Republic P-47 Thunderbolt controls
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt control column base with a bit of the control stick still in place but cut off

hard to get part

WW2 fighter throttle
As used on fighters and some trainers with many variances

Mic switch, non friction knob type

T-6, P-39, P-40

(SOLD) early F4F wildcat stick grip
Early US Navy Grumman F4F wildcat control stick grip

(SOLD) BT-13 & AT-6 stick grips
WWII trainer stick grips, suit Vultee BT-13, North American T-6 and possibly others.

two available, $200 each
Vultee Vengeance pilots control stick
Vultee A-35B Vengeance dive bomber control stick.

Newly made replica (non airworthy) made from the original.


Queen Elizabeth II's C-47B Dakota cockpit (sold)

This is the nose cockpit section from a C-47B Dakota that was used by the queen on her 1954 Royal tour of Australia.

(above: Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh exiting the aircraft)

The aircraft was delivered in 1945 to 36th squadron of the RAAF as A65-123 and was used to transport Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh around the country in 1954.

During this time it was briefly flown by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Video of this at top).

(above: during the tour)(below: later RAAF service)

It continued in RAAF service until 1968 when it was transferred to the Royal Australian navy and designated N2-123 coded NW for its home base at HMAS Albatros.

(above: with the navy at Nowra NSW)

After the Navy retired it's Dakotas this aircraft was broken up with only the cockpit being saved. Since then this section has been completely restored to its original condition and has been preserved in storage for over thirty years.

The section is entirely restored and complete down to the pilots head sets.

The section is mounted on a wheeled stand and can be shipped world wide safely via sea freight.

This section is a historic museum piece in excellent condition and ready to display.

The section should fit in a sealed 20ft HC container for shipping.
Asking US $42,000. (GST applicable if sold within Australia)
1954 queens royal tour aircraft
Early MK iI reflector gun sight (SOLD)
Early RAF WW2 reflector gun sight, mainly used on the Supermarine spitfire & Hawker Hurricane during the Battle of Britain but also used on other types.

Made by Barr & Stroud in the UK it was first introduced in 1938 and used on Gloster gladiator fighters, it became the standard RAF & Commonwealth fighter sight until 1943.

This is an early 1939 dated sight in very good condition with the oval glass, likely made just before the war.

no lower electrical plug but these can be sourced.

(SOLD) Original MK II spitfire gun sight
Original MK II spitfire / hurricane gun sight

came out of RAAF stores, likely used on spitfire mk 1 in the RAF before being passed onto the RAAF in spitfire MK Vs and VIIIs

stores ref 7A/1124
seems to be dated 1940

CAC boomerang sliding canopy
Rare CAC Boomerang sliding canopy from an RAAF WW2 fighter.

made from stainless steel, good pattern, display or repairable part, can be straightened, welded etc.

very rare to find these days.

glass kits can be made available

(SOLD) CAC Wirraway rudder pedals
Early 1939/40 Wirraway rudder pedals, some corrosion

$400 USD/pr
(SOLD) De Havilland Mosquito control column
Original WW2 RAAF De Havilland Mosquito control column

likely from a FB model, good usable condition, no corrosion or damage

No yoke suit fighter or bomber yoke

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt windshield
Republic P-47D 'razorback' Thunderbolt windscreen

Rare item, came off a combat vet

(SOLD) CAC Wirraway trim wheels
CAC Wirraway elevator trim wheels

(SOLD) CAC Wirraway canopy rod
CAC Wirraway canopy latch rod

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