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KiGass aircraft primer
KiGass made aircraft primer

should suit various models, spitfire, hurricane etc

Gloster Meteor tank jettison
Gloster Meteor F8 tank/bomb jettison assembly new old stock

Pollak twin magneto switch
Pollak twin magneto switch

Used on various US Navy & Army aircraft

Good condition

Spitfire switches
Spitfire switches parts lot

some used, some new old stock

P-47D thunderbolt throttle quadrant
Early P-47D thunderbolt throttle quadrant

Very good condition, these are becoming very rare.

BC-765 radio switch box
New old stock BC-765 radio switch destruction box

Used on B-17, B-24, B-29 bombers

Gloster Meteor flap indicator
NOS from RAAF Meteor F8

Eclipse starter switch NOS
Eclipse starter switch NOS, believed to be wirraway or boomberang

Type R dimmer switch
NOS RAF type R dimmer switch

P-47D thunderbolt jettison bars
Stainless canopy jettison bars for a P-47D razorback

T-6G Harvard canopies
2x New old stock T-6G & Harvard trainer canopies they have some hangar rash but are otherwise good

$300 each
Curtiss P-40 patents placard (P-40)
Curtiss P-40 patents placard - NEW
Grimes Rheostat assembly
Grimes No A-4600 $50/ea
Engine primer placard
Engine primer placard, suit most warbirds, new
P-40 hydraulic tank placard
Curtiss P-40 hydraulic tank fill instructions placard, Aluminum, updated to modern spec Mil 5606
Curtiss electric prop placard
Curtiss electric propeller placards, $35 each
NOS Sea vampire / Meteor F8 stick grip
New old stock DeHavilland sea vampire stick grip as used on Royal Australian Navy vampires, RAAF meteor F8's, may have also been used on other vampires, mint condition

Resistance bulbs
Resistance new old stock $40/ea
De Havilland Vampire oxygen regulator
De Havilland Vampire oxygen regulator

Good condition

Curtiss P-40 placards
Aluminum with raised lettering, hydraulic tube placard $95. Aluminum flap and U/C warning placard $85
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