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(SOLD) NOS Spitfire brake relay valve
Supermarine Spitfire brake relay valve, new old stock.

Dunlop made AH 519

Later revision (VIII, IX) but should be compatible with earlier models, same bolt up, main casting etc

The brake trigger located on the control stick (and connected to the valve by Bowden cable) opens the
brake relay valve. Depending on the pressure applied to the trigger, the valve regulates the airflow to
the brakes. The brake differential allows for regulation of the pressure in the brakes depending on
pedal deflection.

Mounted to the fuselage floor forward of the control column.

Very rare part, the last one we saw was over twenty years ago.

(SOLD) DAP / Bristol Beaufort pilots gun sight
RAAF DAP (Bristol) Beaufort pilots gun sight.

This sight was attached to the cockpit frame on the inside of the aircraft for the pilot to aim his guns.


(SOLD) P-38L stainless pilots seat
Stainless steel pilots seat from a war used Lockheed P-38J or L fighter.

The seat is a bit bent but can be straightened.

Very rare seat $1500
P-40N pilots seat armor plate
P-40N pilots seat armor plate, this will need blasting and painting, 3 available
(SOLD) B-25 mitchell rudder bar & pedals
B-25 Mitchell rudder bar & pedals very good condition


World wide shipping available
CAC wirraway / boomerang mag switch
Original Australian made magneto switch

Good condition, suits CAC Wirraway, CAC Boomerang, made in sydney

Vultee Vengeance rudder pedal
Relic recovered from where the plane crashed in the south west pacific, operated by the RAAF.


P-40 kittyhawk / Warhawk rudder pedals (SOLD)
Curtis P-40 rudder pedals newly made $550/pr
PBY Catalina cockpit roof
Consolidated PBY Catalina pilots roof

Douglas A-20 Havoc hand pump lever
Douglas A-20 Havoc hand pump lever

Douglas A-20 Havoc access latch
Douglas A-20 Havoc access latch

(SOLD) Early P-38 pilot seat and armor
Early P-38E or F / G pilot seat and armor

Rare seat from a real combat aircraft, Pattern condition

(SOLD) CAC wirraway parts lot
CAC Wirraway parts lot

contains placards, wheel hub covers, rudder or elevator horn, control system fittings, throttle parts etc

Beaufighter Carb cut out
Carb cut out, suit Beaufighter aircraft and others

NOS, $55 each
(SOLD) NAA F-86 / CAC Sabre stick grip
New old stock North American F-86 / CAC Sabre stick grip, minor rash from the years but overall good condition

(sold) CAC Wirraway or boomerang push rods
CAC Wirraway or boomerang push rods

new old stock, still has preservative on ends, P/N H233-21-0

(sold) Bendix A-10 mag switch
WW2 Vintage Bendix A-10 mag switch

Suit various single engine fighters and trainers

Decent condition

(SOLD) P-38 lightning landing gear lights
Lockheed P-38K & P-38J landing gear indicator panel

Very rare
Curtiss P-40 parking brake placard
Curtiss P-40 parking brake placard, aluminum, $25, Brass defrost placard $50
Curtiss P-40 placards
Aluminum with raised lettering, hydraulic tube placard $95. Aluminum flap and U/C warning placard $85
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