Mk8 Rolls Royce derwent jet engine

NOTE: this is a mark 8 (eight) NOT a 9! please stop emailing looking for mk 9 burners cans with the 16 holes i am not pulling this engine apart to find out which cans it has as it is a running engine. if you want to buy it then you are welcome to pull it apart and find out.

Rolls Royce Derwent Mark 8 Jet Engine, ex RAAF Gloster Meteor, complete with tail extension pipe, stainless fuel tank, on original transport stand with panel and wheels, last run Jan 2018. Requires two heavy duty truck batteries to start.

Derwent engine manual included.

no time logs but could be used in an aircraft 'on condition subject to lame/ap inspection.

Very Rare in this condition.

$15,000 USD.

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