Rare Spitfire MK 1 landing gear door

Rare Supermarine spitfire landing gear door. Likely flown in the Battle of France or the Battle of Britain. small battlefield (factory) repair.

Early, hand built in Castle Bromwich for a spitfire MK 1.

It has two rectangular uprights which means it came from a MK 1 spitfire but will fit MK 1, 1a, 11, 11a, V, and will not fit Vb, Vc+

Visible markings:

p/n 30050 798E4B

p/n 30050 776E2B

The part number starting with 300 equates to MK 1, 1A, 1B later MK II spitfires had a 329 part number prefix.

Vickers Armstrong Castle Bromwich stamps on the metal and fittings

N stamp (heat treatment?)

all factory rivets


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